An Ever Green Thanksgiving Tablescape

The very moment that I saw these napkins come into Pier 1 I knew there was going to be a tablescape using them.  The colors and the plaid in the napkin were visually masculine, something I'd never done before in a tablescape.  My desire was to stay as true to that feeling as I could.

Since this was a bit out of the norm for my usual tablescaping, I decided to not make a quick decision on what other elements I'd use.  I simply laid the napkin out and let it lay there while my creativity simmered.

I always try to use pieces I already have to reduce the need for more stuff.  The beaded placemats have been in my stash since last year. They brought a light and brightness to what could be a darker tablescape.  I only have 2 of the rattan chargers so I decided I needed to see what else I could find that would work.  The leaf placemats are new to Pier 1 this season.  When I saw those and realized they matched the napkins I knew I now had a theme to the tablescape.

In keeping with my "green theme" I dashed out to the yard and snipped a few branches off a couple different trees.
The double wine chiller serves as a container for the centerpiece.  Just a couple of magnolia branches gives a natural, effortless look.  Here's hoping that the week of Thanksgiving I can find a few branches to stuff back in there!

Lest you think I purchase all this stuff at full price and as soon as they come into the store here is a rundown of my sale items.  The napkins rings were .98 each along about March I think leftover from fall.  The mercury glass acorns were $2.98 each and those birch candles I waited all summer for those to come down in price, I think they were maybe $6.  I am anything if not patient, I will wait and watch for sales and I always buy off season!!!  Right now I'm watching beachy stuff that we have left from the summer!
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Falling for Fall with a Tablescape

Never ever have a made it a secret that I'm not a fan of fall...say what?!  Except this year I may have made a switch in regards for falling for fall.  While at work one day I did find inspiration that gave me a nudge to pull my fall pieces out and pick up a few new things to create a tablescape.

The patina on the copper lantern adds to the colors of any fall palette.  Putting the almost white pillar holder inside the lantern brightens it up.  Inside the lantern I add a fall napkin ring to soften the visual hardness of the lantern. 

The table runner I've had for several years and is still sold at Pier 1 Imports.  It is one of my most often used runners since it is so versatile. 

The faux pumpkins were a budget friendly find at WalMart.  The salad plates are  from the Better Homes and Garden collection at WalMart but were purchased many years ago.

Those napkins!! Ya'll they were on clearance at Pier 1 for all of .68 aren't they perfect for this time of the year?!

In spite of my not so favorite time of the year I will admit that I have loved having these fall touches on the kitchen table!
Happy Fall Ya'll!
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September 11th We Remember

It is hard to believe that it has been 16 years since the attacks of 9/11.  It is a day that I will not ever forget what I was doing or where I was.
Last year on September 11, as I drove to church I made my way downtown and happened upon a very moving sight.  Without any fanfare, press or photographers the Auburn Fire Department were remembering their fallen brothers.

We will never forget those that lost their lives that day.

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My Latest Fav Cleaning Product

We interrupt this normally scheduled blog post about rearranging things in my home to bring you something incredible!  When we were on vacation this past summer the condo that we rented had been recently renovated.  The new owners have done an exceptional job with everything in their property, right down to the cleaning products.  I had never seen a a spray mop like this one.
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray mop

Reveal by Rubbermaid

Where has this mop been all my life?!  It is ideal!  It doesn't need batteries, the mop head is washable and I can use my own cleaner in the refillable bottle.  There are no products that I have to keep buying or running out of.  I promptly text the owners and ask what solution they had put in their Rubbermaid Reveal and she was more than happy to respond.  Mostly, I think she was shocked that I was literally losing my mind over this spray mop.  The ingredients were simple, cleaning vinegar, water and Mr. Clean .  EASY!!!!  Smells incredible and it cleans so well!

On our way home I found one at our local big box hardware store and bought it online.  Heaven forbid someone else beat me to it, it was waiting for me when I popped in the store.
I must admit that I probably use the mop at least once a day on our hot spots, think kitchen and laundry room.  After going on and on to Bestie K, she also went and picked one up.  We both can't say enough good things about this product.
Rubbermaid Reveal mop

The trigger is a pump trigger that is easy to press.

I would like to mention this, I have no plans to ever fill the bottle more than half way full for fear that it could possibly leak.  With my former spray mop, I removed the cleaning bottle solution everytime after I mopped for concern that it could leak.  In addition to not filling it all the way up, I have no plans to ever put a liquid that could damage any of my floors as in bleach.  Keep that in mind should you ever pick one of these up.  To say that I am EXTREMELY pleased with the Rubbermaid Reveal would be a complete understatement.  No more of the milky residue from my previous spray mop.  The frequency by which I mop my floors has absolutely been changed by this amazing product.
I'd like to add this is not a paid or sponsored post by Rubbermaid, but if they'd like to reach out to me I'm waiting! Ha!  My goal is to always share with you guys products that I it antiques, furniture and yes even cleaning products!!
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

With that I I'm off to mop my floors!!!

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The Perfect Tole Lamp

If you've followed this blog for any amount of time you know I have a thing for lamps.  Often times when I'm out antique shopping it takes great restraint to not bring home lamps.  Last week at Scott's I showed no signs of restraint when I saw this beauty.  It was lamp love at first sight!

This vendor had the most incredible pieces, her entire space was filled with items from an estate sale in Florida.

Most antique shoppers will say "just buy it you will find a place for it."  Ya'll I can't do that anymore...where lamps are concerned.  I have 27 sitting in the attic and I haven't even counted how many are out through our home.  My rule is I have to know where I'm going to put something before I buy it.  When I saw this lamp I had no idea where it was going...maybe the new secretary... maybe the bedroom I just knew I had to bring her home!  After walking all over the house with her she landed in a spot I hadn't previously thought of, the gate leg table in the family room.

Ya'll the lamp is gorgeous and fits right in with the other pieces that were already on the table.  With the change of the seasons coming no doubt the composition of the table will  change.

I often wonder why I'm so obsessed  attracted to lamps ,what is that one thing you can't say no to?

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