Sea Palms Resort: {Vacation Condo 2016}

For almost 26 years we've vacationed at beautiful St. Simons Island, Georgia.  The island is near and dear to our hearts as we honeymooned there.  A couple times since starting this little blog, I've shared the condos we've stayed in while on vacation.  You can visit those here and here.

We go between Sea Palms Resort and the King and Prince. So this year is was time to stay at Sea Palms.  Sea Palms offers several options in accommodations. Should you ever be interested in staying there be sure to visit the website for all of their properties Sea Palms Resort.

We always contact Mary Kay at Sea Palms and she knows us so well she always selects a property she knows we will adore.  That said, the area we like the most is Fairway Villas.  They sit positioned in view of the first hole of the golf course.

This was our first stay in this unit, #418 Fairway Villas.  When Sister and her family joined us one year they were in this unit so I was somewhat familiar with the property.  Up first if of course the foyer.  It is quite spacious for a condo foyer.  I'd love to see a larger lamp on this piece of furniture.  I've seen several at local thrift stores that would totally work and be more than affordable.

I failed at taking a good photo of the kitchen.  It is well appointed with a toaster oven, microwave and coffee maker.  There is a stack washer/dryer that is just off the kitchen.

The living room is amazingly comfortable and nicely decorated.  Plenty of seating along with a television and VCR/CD player.

The sun room was a highlight of this unit for me!  I enjoyed my coffee here every single morning!  Inside this "bubble" is a small window air conditioner.  This really made the first floor very comfortable in regards to temperature.

Upstairs there are 2 very larger bedrooms and bathrooms.  This area is a hallway between the two.  This area is large enough that you could have maybe a bench, pair of small chairs or a chest.

This is the bedroom that the kids shared.  Though you can't see it in this shot, it does have a balcony.  This bedroom offers a queen sized bed along with a roll away bed.  The kids enjoyed the fact that there was a tv in this room as they brought their PS4 to play in case it rained(it didn't).  The sink is in a separate area from the tub and toilet.

I'd like to say that I have a photo of our room sadly, I either didn't take one or it has been deleted. It has 2 closets, offers a king sized bed along with an additional roll away bed.  Just like the boys room the sink was separate from the tub and toilet.  Honey is a big guy and this space was tight to say the least for him.  We always play the let's pretend we own this and what would we do game.  He immediately said he'd have to change the bathroom some way some how!  Should you want to take a peek at the room it can be found on a HomeAway Listing here.  It also had a tv which is a must for me!
Here a few shots outside the unit.  Nothing quite as nice as waking up being able to see Spanish moss dripping from the live oaks.

If you follow along with me on Instagram you have certainly seen the photos of our cats. Honey says it doesn't matter where we go cats always find me.  These two greeted us every morning for a snack.  The bowl was already there and cat food was found in the pantry!

As much as I love being on the coast there is no place like home.

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The Back Hall

One of the most used areas of our home is the back hallway.  It is a narrow space, only 48 inches wide. In addition to the narrow hallway, I should mention all the doors swing into the hall.  While the white bead board on the walls of the hallway were already in the house I have to say it is a genius idea.  When we moved in the boys were very young, the bead board is the perfect solution  for little boy hand prints, a very easy clean up!

Easy Peach Cobbler

If I had to pick a fav fruit the choice would be easy...peaches!  Peach cobbler has always been a mainstay at our house during peach season.  It was the very first dessert I ever made from scratch some 30+ years ago.  I figured it was high time I shared with you, my recipe for Easy Peach Cobbler.

Blog Life University is Atlanta Bound

As a lifestyle blogger I blog about almost everything that goes on in our lives, anything from home decor, recipes, along with travel and a host of other topics.  I've needed a conference that would encompass the many facets of what I blog about.  Over a month ago, I found out about Blog Life University Conference.  The dates were perfect for my summer schedule and the location...Atlanta...was a dream come true since it is only a little over an hour away.

Blog Life University Conference

 As a blogger it is important to stay current, motivated and passionate, attending a conference is the perfect way to accomplish all of those.  When bloggers come together great things happen, partnerships form, we share ideas and we help each other grow.
BLog Life University Conference