Finding Things To Do With Groupon

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Sometimes I sit around and wonder where the time went with both of my sons.  They are young men now at ages 16 and 21.

When they were younger I had no problems occupying their time.  But as they have grown up some how Legos and trips to the pool don't see to fit the bill, imagine that. Since they are both now driving and dating the whole "what are we gonna do this weekend" comes into much of our conversations.  My suggestion is almost always the same, have you looked at Groupon?
It generally yields lots of options for local activities as in movies tickets, bowling, restaurants and museum shows.  I adore how Groupon gives experiences and not just restaurants, water parks and ticket deals, but I sure do like those!

Often times when I am helping one of them look for things to do I find lots of activities for Honey and myself like dinner out!

Groupon also sparks creativity in planning an outing.  On Groupon Things To Do there is something for everyone.  It is easy, quick and affordable fun right at your finger tips...or should I say the click of your mouse usually from the comfort of your home!

I would love to hear what you have found on Groupon that has saved you money and were fun to do!

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The Vanity Moves to the Guest Room

Our guest room is a culmination of some of my most fav things in the entire house.  I've said it many times, I could move in that room and never look back at our master.  More than just a couple times, I've shared our guest bedroom here on the blog.  In case you've missed those posts you can visit them here and here.

 Speaking of fav things, a few years ago for Valentine's Day Honey bought an antique vanity or as some may refer to it, a dressing table.  It will forever go down as one of his best gifts...that and the Roomba!  Back to the vanity, when it came home it found its temporary home as a bedside table in the master.  If you want to see how it looked in the master, you can read all about it here.

While I enjoyed its tenure as a bedside table it was never intended to be the vanity's forever home.  Last week I happened upon a chest that has replaced the vanity beside our bed, I'll be sharing that in a later post.  I was delighted to move the vanity to the new spot in the guest room.

The brown transferware also moved.  Those plates never looked so gorgeous!  When I picked the little lamp out months ago, I knew that one day it would be perfect for the vanity.

With the updating of the guest room I'm headed to look for new lamps for the master!

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Saving Money with Groupon Coupons

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Every Spring when I start planning our family vacation, I always make sure to check out Groupon for deals they have for the water park the kids love to go to.  Groupon always comes through and saves me a bundle for those tickets!

It goes without saying that I love to save money.  It is especially important to me to save money not just on special events but, on every day items and services.  Groupon offers many different ways to save money be it on restaurants, hair salons, car rentals or department stores.  When I need a new outfit Macy's is one of my first stops, so I was delighted to see Groupon Coupons for Macy's!

Can you just imagine my delight when I saw that Groupon Coupons had coupons for eBay! Now I'll be able to save $$ on all those antiques I want right?!  

Always remember there is never a membership fee with Groupon.  It is so simple and easy with just a click of the mouse to search for coupons that are relative to my area.  I'm off to search for great deals today, how about you?

What have you saved money on using Groupon Coupons?  I'd love to hear!

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Outdoor Fire Pit Inspiration

With temps lingering in the 90's it is hard to even think about building a fire.  Before we know it the summer heat will give way to cool, crisp evenings and Fall will be well underway.  Honey keeps talking about building a fire pit as we have the perfect spot for one.  For inspiration we popped over to Bestie N's to tour hers.  This is one design space that I absolutely had to share with you all! outdoor-fire-pit

All About Blog Life University Conference 2016

Over a week and a half ago I attended Blog Life University Conference in Atlanta.  This was the first ever BLU and it was invigorating and inspirational.  I'm already looking forward to next year's conference that promises to be bigger and better... #BLU17 anyone?