Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour 2016 {part 1}

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!  Today, along with 12 other bloggers we welcome you to our Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour.  If you are coming over from Life and Style at 60, I'm glad you've stopped by!

Come on in!  For our front door I opted to use a traditional red bow on the wreath.  



For the mantle I used natural elements, the greens along with the magnolia branches rest along the mantle with a faux  piece of greenery.  The hurricanes make appearances all over the house, but this year they are home on the mantle.

Family Room

The Christmas tree in the family room is home to the ornaments that hold a special place in our hearts.  The Angel on top has graced our trees for 26 years.

Living Room

 The living room Christmas tree is the more formal of the trees in our home.  These ornaments have been collected over many years, though some are new and gifts just this year.  Thanks Pie!

As part of our participation in Merry & Bright this year we were gifted wrapping paper of our choice by Paper Mart.  As I visited their website, carefully selecting papers that would coordinate with my tree decor I couldn't help but notice that they have papers for every style of decor.  There was even a toile and ya'll know I had to get it!  The red and gold curly ribbons are also from Paper Mart and compliment the papers I selected. When I select wrapping paper I always prefer a more heavy weigh,  the weigh of these papers were perfect!  The easiest to wrap with was the  green berry foil!

Cody had to get in this photo, he is the baby at 13 years.  He has had a rough year as he now suffers from thyroid problems.  He lost about 5 pounds late last year and hasn't been able to put them back on.  He really does resemble the saying "I'm not fat I'm just fluffy!"


Dining Room

That photo is a bit of a teaser.  Next week when we are sharing our dining tables you will see much more of the dining room.

Be sure to visit Marsha at M. Jones Style, her style is amazing and she does such a nice job decorating  and styling her home.  Don't even get me started on how delish all of her recipes look!

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*This post contains products that I received as participation of this blog tour.  All opinions on this product are 100% mine.*
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Reindeer Recipes Tour 2016 {part 1}

This year I've teamed up with some of the most fabulous food and lifestyle bloggers to bring you our most treasured recipes and holiday decorating spots in our homes.  If you found this blog via Totally Tailgates, I'm delighted you've stopped by!

This year I wanted to be "on trend" as we say in the blogging world so, I decided to style my very on bar cart.  Now here is the problem, I don't own a bar cart.  I decided that my tea cart was gonna have to work.  I moved the tea cart turned bar cart to a new location in the dining room and already it had a new feel.
How to style a bar cart

One thing that is a must on a bar cart are fresh flowers!  These hydrangeas and a few clippings from my yard made up an inexpensive arrangement.  I think it brightens this dark part of the cart.

Another must is a tray.  Wouldn't you know it, every tray I had just didn't seem to look right, off to the thrift store I went!  Believe it or not this tray was black with poker chips...not gonna work for my look!  With a bit of gold spray paint it is now the perfect shape and size for the cart.  The tray was 3 bucks and those martini glasses, 97 cents!  Honey's mom gifted me (from her collection) those gorgeous monogrammed glasses.  She insists that I have them and I can't argue with my MIL now can I?  Thanks Pie!!!

bar cart necessities

This year when I was deciding on colors I'd use for the dining room I knew I wanted to go with gold and silver.  It was fun to mix those colors through out the room and on the bar car!

how to style a bar cart

Don't dare forget to add some fresh fruit to your bar car, I had limes on hand.  Ya'll know I have plenty of decanters in the house and those are also a must for any bar cart!  The one that is resting on the gold tray is really my fav one.

Styling a bar cart

how to style a bar cart

Thanks again for stopping by!  Now you will not want to miss the next stop on our tour at Confetti Style, Shelly always has something spectacular to share with her readers!

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Small Disclaimer:  All alcohol products were borrowed as we rarely ever indulge in fine spirits!

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Fall Touches Around the House

Fall around here at Positively Southern is a very busy time of year.  We have football games every. single. Friday seems I can't bring myself to miss any of them!  John marches in the band and I know it is important for us to be there. Only 3 more weeks of regular season ya'll, not that I'm counting!  Let's not forget band competitions along with marching in the honor band at one of the colleges here in the state. That said, decorating for fall often comes at the end of my to do list.  I did get a few of my fav spots spiffed up for fall!

Fall Vignette in the Foyer

Just simply adding a single pumpkin gives this entire vignette a fall feel as you come through our foyer.

Fall Vignette in the Foyer

Fall Vignette

Having waited for the pumpkin pillow was so worth the wait!  I posted a PSA about this particular pillow way back in August, you can catch up on that here.

The mercury glass pumpkin has been around for several years, found it at Pottery Barn.

This table is probably my fav spot in the entire house to decorate!  I've moved the big dog to this table for now.  My biscuit barrel collection has grown thanks to the thoughtfulness of Pat at Life at Lydia's House, they warm this corner right up!  If memory serves this pumpkin came from Pier 1 maybe 2 years ago.

But the prettiest fall vignette in the house is on the coffee table.

The blue and white soup toureen was an incredible find at $7 at a local junk store.  I just started filling it with a few berries and velvet pumpkins and before I knew it was gorgeous!

Bestie Pam gifted me the precious velvet pumpkins probably 5 years ago when they first came out. I absolutely adore it and desperately need MORE!!!  It needed a little height so I looked around the house and thought the silver compote might do the trick! Another biscuit barrel adds warmth to the vignette.    The entire vignette is resting on an antique english serving tray.

Do you go all out with fall decor or do you keep it simple?
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Styling the Master Bedroom

Styling the master bedroom in this house has taken practically the entire summer.. Way back in May I shared for the first time our master, you can read about it here.

At long last, the bed is sporting new bedding most of which was purchased months ago from a variety of places.  The quilt/coverlet I found at SteinMart way back in the spring.  At that time I had no idea what I would find to go with it so it sat in my closet all summer.

Don't you just love the toile shams?!  They've been sitting in the bottom of my closet since I found them at an antique store back in May.  Best part of the shams, they cost me $12 each!  Ya'll I've been pricing custom shams for months and they were not in the budget but, at 24 bucks I was delighted to bring them home.

The small needle point pillow was also a thrift store find.  The euro shams, dust ruffle and throw pillow are all part of a set from Dillard's.  As soon as I found out that they were going to be on their extra 40% off sale I just sat and waited for that day.  Fortunately, the shams worked with the coverlet I had already picked up.

One thing that decorating our bedroom has taught me is patience.  I don't believe there isn't anything in this room that I haven't had to wait to purchase or find.  A few weeks ago I also shared that the vanity that was serving as a bedside table had made a move up to the guest room.  It got to move when I found a new/old bedside table on one of  those online yard sale sites that are all over Facebook.

Let's talk about lamps for just a minute.  I don't love the one on the night stand.  There is a pair of them that I have had forever!  John was a baby when I found these in Kirkland's some 16 years ago.  For now they will get us by for bedside lighting.  Honestly ya'll, I'm not sure what I want in their place.  Something with a bit more color for sure, a larger shade no doubt!  But again....patience.

Since we still do not have a headboard for our king size bed I knew whatever went over the bed would need to make a statement and almost imulate a headboard.  These prints were a find at an antique store about 2 years ago and have been in various spots in the house.  Not sure when it occured to me to put those over the bed but I knew they would be perfect.

The sconce and the crested plate were a more recent purchase, both appear to be very old and an ideal crown to the the prints.

Now if I could just find lamps and curtains....yet another lesson in patience.

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