A Pretty Blue & White Lamp

It always thrills my soul to see any and all things blue and white!  Imagine my delight while visiting an antique shop and there she was...just waiting to come home with me.

blue and white lamp

I knew exactly where she was gonna go the moment I saw her.  This spot had looked a little dark with the black lamp(that I adore) so I'd just shuffle a few other lamps around.

  She sure does brighten and make the space feel lighter visually.

This side table is one of my fav in the house since there are 3 levels to decorate.  It has been in this spot for ages now but I turned it sideways for a different look.  Naturally, there was gonna be a piece of Staffordshire sitting atop a few decorating books.  The blue and white jar was a find from Hobby Lobby some years ago.  The small chest has yet to be seen on the blog.  I found it back in the winter at Scott's Antiques, this box is amazing with just the right amount of red to make it pop.  The dealer believed it to be well over 100 years old.  SQUEAL!

Back to the lamp, she couldn't be more lovely....more gorgeous...more perfectly blue and white!

Oh Oh Oh...I almost forgot!  Did you notice the blue and white needlepoint pillow? Completely swoon worthy!

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Front View of Home Sweet Home

On Saturday I was walking home from the neighbor's house and noticed how pretty the side view of our house was.  This isn't a path I take often, maybe it has looked this good for a while now...I doubt it though.

Recently, we Honey laid a pallet a sod in various places where the turf was either dead or might as well had been.  The new grass is taking hold and looking really good!  The tree on the corner of the house seems to have really grown this spring adding much needed shade to this side of the house.  I now have visions of planting some shade loving annuals.  In the winter this tree has seed pods left on it, the birds fill this tree through out the season and I love watching them.

I dashed in the house to get the camera to take a few shots of the house and Honey called out to me to wait another week when the grass would be freshly cut.  I've never been a very good listener.

We still need to add some fresh pine straw, a job I'd rather be shot than have to do.  Let me say right now, I'm stunned the deer haven't mowed through the day lilies.....this year is a first!   This pic also shows what a dreadful driveway we have, one could totally get a work out just walking up and down the drive a few times a day!

Regardless of how often I fertilize those ferns on the front porch they never get as green as I'd like them to.  This is the second year for those ferns, they wintered inside the garage and much to my surprise they survived.

Earlier this spring the walkway got pressure washed.  Maybe with the new sod down the walkway won't get as grimy.

When these shrubs were planted 9 years ago they were so tiny and the ground cover was just in a sprig formation.  It seemed like forever before they would get this big.

This might be my fav view of the house.  This vantage point shows the trees behind the house and pretty much the entire lot.

The tree in front of the house is officially my fav type of tree.  Mostly because it grew really fast.  It was basically a stick just 9 years ago and now it provides shade!

Hope you enjoyed the summer view of our home.
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The Debut of our Master Bedroom

Our rarely seen master bedroom is finally making its full debut on the blog today!  I've struggled with this room since the day we moved in, it just isn't a room that WOWS you... know what I mean?  The 2 homes prior to this had amazing master suites but, ya'll this is just a master bedroom!  Maybe it is the size, it is for sure the smallest master we've had since our very first home.  At any rate, I gotta work with what I got!
Let's first talk about the wall that the dresser sits on, since it has been my biggest challenge.  I'm certain that all the experts and maybe even some of you will say you should never had a tv in the bedroom.  Personally, laying in bed watching TV is one of my fav things to do so, the TV had to be worked around.  I posed that exact statement to a designer and immediately she said "keep the TV."  But she followed that up with a  "you just need to camouflage it."

A New Home for the Dogs

A couple weeks ago I shared a post about my new painting for over the fireplace, you can catch up on that here.  When I changed out one painting for the new one it left the dogs homeless.  Here they are in all their glory over the mantle.

Makeover Madness

Welcome to our Makeover Madness Blog Hop!!!  If you are popping over from  MJones Style I'm delighted you are here!  Her #makeovermadnessbloghop was fabulous!

If you are a regular follower of the blog you are in for a real treat as I've partnered with an amazing company, Velvet Finishes and 10 amazing bloggers to bring  you inspiration in all your DIY projects.

I should profess something right from the start....I've never embraced this whole "let's paint everthing in sight movement" that many have done.  That said, there are several pieces in our home that are painted.  So when I was asked me to be part of this I jumped at the chance to see what all this painting was about.

My project started with an Ikea chest called the Rast.  I'd seen several makeovers on this particular piece and thought it would be an ideal project for me.

Honey was a very good sport and assembled the chest for me.  Just as soon as he got it put together I slapped a coat of Kilz on it.