25 November 2013

The Kitchen Window View

Most folks love the changing of the seasons, I love when winter gives way to spring and spring to summer.  But when summer gives way to fall I have a reaction that I just can’t explain.  Maybe it because I despise being cold and I know that winter is just a few months away or maybe it just reflects the dormancy that fall brings to the leaves and grass.  Whatever the reason I view all changes of the seasons from my kitchen window.  From my kitchen window I watch the cat race down the drive as if he has something he needs to tell me in a hurry, I watch the boys play basketball from that window, I watch my husband drive home from a long day at work, I see my parents make what could possibly be that last trip together to our house and I watch my Sister when she comes and goes from our house.  This window quite possibly is a window to my heart.

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