30 May 2018

The Spring Deck Refresh

Seems almost a little late to call this a "spring" refresh but officially it is still spring. Just before this tropical whatever it is were have been having for the past week+ I decided I'd fluff the stuff on the deck.     

29 May 2018

PB&J Engagement Party

Recently, one of my dearest friends called to invite us to a party.  As she started out with the conversation she choked up a bit.  As she began to speak I immediately thought she was inving us to a graduation party since they too had a senior.  


28 May 2018

The Before and the After Home Tour:The Exterior

The home tour on our blog is one of the most viewed pages I've had.  I'm starting a series of the before and afters of each room in this our 5th house.  Today, we are taking a look at the exterior.  I'd like to mention that several of these photos were taken over 11 years ago and were from a film camera, their quality and clarity are lacking.


24 May 2018

Floral Fiesta Spring Soiree

Welcome to Floral Fiesta!!!!  I'm so excited to be partnering with a few of my fav bloggers to share with you all our progressive dinner blog hop!  If you have stopped by from Nicole's  Home on Poplar Creek I am especially glad you are here!  Since we've already had cocktails at M Jones Style and appetizers at Home on Poplar Creek I believe it is time to head over to the dining table and take our seat!


03 May 2018

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

I'm just curious, raise your hands if you know why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated.   If you don't know let me enlighten you.  May 5th is celebrated because of an unlikely victory the Mexican Army had over French forces on May 5, 1862 at the Battle of Puebla.  So there...the more you know right?

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