20 September 2018

Flavors of Fall

Welcome to the Flavors of Fall Progressive Dinner!  I'm delighted you've stopped by!  If you are coming over from Confetti Style  welcome!  The tablescape that Shelly created was nothing short of gorgeous don't you think?  For this progressive dinner party, I'm sharing what I like to do for hostess gifts.  If I know the host well, I try to incorporate their hobby.  If it is a themed party/dinner I try to put that into the thought process for the gift.  Since our progressive dinner party having a fall theme I thought I'd go on with something with Halloween flair & colors!

19 September 2018

A Thrifted Chest

For ages I've wanted a new chest to go into the foyer, a bow front chest to be exact.  As I've antique shopped over the years I've seen several chest that I'd have love to have owned sadly, they were not in my budget!


12 September 2018

Finding Chairs

Do you ever flip through magazines, Instagram or Pinterest see home decor and think gosh I love that, maybe I could do that in my house.  Maybe you go to a friend's house and see something you can copy at your place.  Over the summer while we were on vacation I had a similar experience.  Except it wasn't a particularly pleasant experience.  I had a molar that had been crowned abscess...while we were on vacation.  Not fun ya'll!!! It was fortunate for me that I found a dentist that was actually open the week of July 4th on St. Simons Island, GA.  The St. Simons Island Dental Associates promptly got me into see one of their dentist.  When I walked into their office it was one of those perfect Pinterest/Instagram moments.  The office was beautifully decorated, exceptional really.  The furnishings were nothing short of exquisite!  Then I had the aha moment...the chairs...were exactly what I needed in our family room.
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