28 September 2018


A few weeks ago a good friend tagged me in one of those Instagram giveaways.  I responded and did what was asked of the hosts of the giveaway.  While I was following and tagging my friends I looked around on both of the hosts Instagram accounts.  Their accounts were both filled with gorgeous pieces!  From their Instagram accounts I ventured to their websites and I genuinely liked what I saw.  A few days later I found out that I won!!  Ya'll I never win anything.

I am thrilled to have been the winner of this amazing pumpkin along with a pair of Staffordshire dogs and Blue Willow candlesticks.  You all know those are some of my fav things!  The Inspired Nest  is responsible for the beautifully hand painted pumpkin.  The entire pumpkin is just as lovely as the part with the pagoda.   If you haven't already, be sure to stop by her Etsy and see all the gorgeous things she has.  There is a pair of paper mache hearts I will have to have!!

Lillian Grey Vintage Home has so many beautiful blue and white pieces, along with other great things like Staffordshire dogs!

The Blue Willow candlesticks are just everything!  I couldn't adore them more.  They work so well with all my other Blue Willow

After walking around the house with the pumpkin I think it looks perfect sitting on my new chest in the foyer!
Have you ever entered one of those Instagram giveaways?  Well I'm working with a few friends on a  giveaway soon so keep watching my Instagram for details...SOON!!!

20 September 2018

Flavors of Fall

Welcome to the Flavors of Fall Progressive Dinner!  I'm delighted you've stopped by!  If you are coming over from Confetti Style  welcome!  The tablescape that Shelly created was nothing short of gorgeous don't you think?  

For this progressive dinner party, I'm sharing what I like to do for hostess gifts.  Any time we are invited to a party,over to friends house or whatever type of get together I always take a small gift.  Many times if I don't know the host well I take a bottle of wine,  I will admit that I believe this is an impersonal gift...but often times it is the perfect gift!

If I know the host well, I try to incorporate their hobby.  If it is a themed party/dinner I try to put that into the thought process for the gift.  Since our progressive dinner party having a fall theme I thought I'd go on with something with Halloween flair & colors!
I started with the darling cat trick or treat bag from JoAnn Stores, adding some paper napkins and treat boxes also from JoAnn's.  Those were obvious items to me to use and they were easy to find and affordable.
The other items weren't very themed by themselves.  As I strolled the aisles of WalMart I saw the gray dish towels and immediately thought how they could be "Frankensteinish" is that even a word...today it is!  Adding the pops of bright green utensils and the orange bow it gave it a very Halloween feel.

In full disclosure I often recreate this hostess gift through the year with dish towels that fit the season.  If we have several parties during the Christmas holidays I buy a large bundle of red and white dish towels and separate them.  In addition I add a few wooden spoons or pot holders and tie with a piece of matching ribbon.  The gift is always met with great enthusiasm and with surprise that someone would gift something so practical!  Our generation is the group that goes to excess when so many times simple is more appreciated.  Remember that it isn't how much we spend on the gift, but that we let the host know that we appreciate the trouble she/he has gone to in preparation for our arrival.
You are in for a treat as you head over for cocktails at Atta Girl Says!  


19 September 2018

A Thrifted Chest

For ages I've wanted a new chest to go into the foyer, a bow front chest to be exact.  As I've antique shopped over the years I've seen several chest that I'd have love to have owned sadly, they were not in my budget!

I'm a firm believer that good things comes to those that wait.  Last Friday when I spied this chest I knew my waiting had come to an end.  As I looked at the price tag of the chest I wasn't sure if I was reading it correctly so, I asked my friend if the tag said $110.  Her first words were "ask what their best price is."

This beautiful piece came home with me for less than $100.  Patience my friends...patience!  I'm glad I've waited for not only a good piece but a good price as well.

The chest fit perfectly into the foyer!  After a bit of styling different lamps I knew I had created the perfect vignette.

The shop that I found it was a new place over in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  It is called The White Rabbit.  She has many pretty things that I'd say are mostly vintage.  Should you be over that way stop by and see what she along with the many other antique stores there have to offer!  My chest had been in a home on base at Fort Benning for many years I understand.  This chest is not an antique, it doesn't fit the criteria.  At the least it it is probably from the 50's, the drawers are immaculate condition and are dovetailed.

This is my view from the living room sofa and I simply adore it!  I couldn't be more pleased with my latest thrifting find!!

Get busy shopping ya'll...you never know what waits for you out there!!!

12 September 2018

Finding Chairs

Do you ever flip through magazines, Instagram or Pinterest see home decor and think gosh I love that, maybe I could do that in my house.  Maybe you go to a friend's house and see something you can copy at your place.  Over the summer while we were on vacation I had a similar experience.  Except it wasn't a particularly pleasant experience.  I had a molar that had been crowned abscess...while we were on vacation.  Not fun ya'll!!! It was fortunate for me that I found a dentist that was actually open the week of July 4th on St. Simons Island, GA.  The St. Simons Island Dental Associates promptly got me into see one of their dentist.  When I walked into their office it was one of those perfect Pinterest/Instagram moments.  The office was beautifully decorated, exceptional really.  The furnishings were nothing short of exquisite!  Then I had the aha moment...the chairs...were exactly what I needed in our family room.


As soon as I returned home I began to search for chairs that were as similar as I could find!  After a few picture text to one of my interior design friends I found out they were called bone chairs and were french!  As luck would have it, I found an antique dealer in Atlanta with very similar chairs, much to my surprise they were extremely affordable!
In the photo below you can see that my drapes would work should the upholstery be similar to those the dealer had.
The only problem with these chairs are there they have no arms and I really want arms. I explained my desire to the dealer and he has a pair coming in from France late this month.  Fingers cross they arrive and are close to the ones at the dentist office!! 

Shout out to Dr. Clements and the staff at St Simons Island Dental Associates for the great care!  I had a root canal a a week later and all is well!
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