05 January 2017

Kitchen Refresh

Recently, I shared my kitchen on MJones Style Kitchen Keeping Series you can visit that post here.  Shortly after that I realized I hadn't shared the kitchen on my own blog in almost 2 years!

 The kitchen was updated a few years after we moved in, if you'd like to see how it looked before take a peek here.  The appliances along with the counter tops have been changed out.  Stainless is still all the rage but, but the upkeep drives me insane.

This is the door to the pantry.  The plate rack above the door was actually from an old church pew that I picked up for cheap ages ago.

The toaster oven and both coffee makers stay on the counter tops year round, this is real life ya'll!  The curtains were custom made a few years ago and to be honest, I'm not crazy about them...never was!  It is entirely possible that they will come down in the no so distant future.

The pieces in the glass cabinet and on top of the counter are items I've collected over time.  If you've followed the blog for any length of time you know I adore Blue Willow so you see it all over the house!

Let's talk about the light fixture.  It is a very nice fixture, that is too big and I should replace it.  Here is the problem, I'm not sure what I want exactly.  For now, this one stays.  Let's talk about regret for just a bit.  When we had the granite installed I made the mistake of not getting a new faucet for the sink.  This one was only a few months old, was selected because of the holes that were cut for the existing faucet.  This goes down as one of my biggest fails!

So that is it....the kitchen!  I'm delighted to share my kitchen, my home with you!

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  1. Tamyra thank you for the shout out! I love your kitchen!

  2. Very pretty. Love the Blue Willow and how clever for the church pew.

  3. Tamyra, I love your beautiful kitchen! My favorite thing is that hymnal rack from the church pew! I've looked for one for years but have never found one!

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