21 April 2016

The Other Side

Today I'm sharing the other side of the dining room.  If you stopped by yesterday you saw part of the dining room.  I shared finding an antique tiered shelf filled with lots of Blue and White.


20 April 2016

Adding an Antique Tiered Server to the Dining Room

Have you ever seen something and just had to have it?  It was love at first sight when I saw a butler's cart at Scott's Antiques.  When I saw it that would ignite a fire that never has burned out!  If you follow me on Instagram you saw a pic of an 4 tiered antique shelf.  It was covered in junk and grim but through that I knew it could be a beauty.  Not exactly a butler's cart but, it was 25 bucks so the price was right and I believe it is close enough to work!


19 April 2016

A New Painting for the Family Room

When I hung the dogs over the fireplace I never intended them to stay there.  For that matter, when I picked them up at a local shop I had the intention of hanging them in the master bedroom.  Well they were up there long enough and as time drew on I knew they had to come down.

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