04 November 2014

Antique Shaving Mirror

It happens when  you least expect it.  The "find of the day" as I call it just happens as you amble around a antique mall or flea market.  You spy that something that you just know you can't go home without!  My recent "find of the day" was really pretty incredible.  I'd had seen one at my antique shopping buddy's home and had a fit and just knew if I ever found one it would have to be mine!


03 November 2014

Styling the Trifecta Wall

Sometimes I wonder if builders ever give thought to where they place the thermostats, light switches return vents and so on.  My best guess is that not much thought is given to such as evidenced by what I refer to as the "Trifecta Wall" at our house. It was given that name since it has three winning combinations, that wall is home to the door bell box, the return vent and the thermostat is smack in the middle!  For your viewing pleasure here is a shot of it.

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