22 October 2013

A Party within a Dove Shoot

For some 25 years Honey has had a dove shoot on the opening day of dove season.  Years ago it was merely a dove shoot with the expected case of beer, that was it nothing more to it….enter the wife with a blog!  Early in the summer I asked Honey what he thought about having a more organized meal, rather than that expected case of beer. He thought it sounded like a great idea but was quick to remind me this was an outside party with no electricity or running water and most of all that it would be HOT.  We decided on a brisket in late July as the meat, thus began the summer of brisket as it shall be known.  Have I mentioned we spent a few years in Oklahoma?  We did and one thing you don’t leave that state without knowing how to cook is brisket….but I did.  So I tried countless recipes for brisket to get the perfect one, the key for our taste was balsamic vinegar. 

21 October 2013

Guest Bedroom Redo

For quite a while now I have pondered switching the guest bedroom with Andrew’s bedroom. It has always been awkward for guests to share a bathroom with John as it is a Jack and Jill.  When we moved into this house we put Andrew in what would be the guest bedroom with the private bath, with hopes that would put an end to what we thought would be constant bickering and potential for practical jokes in the middle of the night. Since they have grown up into young men now that doesn’t seem to be a real problem anymore.  The switch was made about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been styling both rooms and having a blast I might add!  Here is a look back  at the Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom.

09 October 2013

Breakfast Room Updated

You all know how it goes, one day you are completely satisfied with how something looks and then...BAM... the next day it has to change!  I've mentioned before here, that the vignette on the breakfast room buffet had been the same for at least 8 years.  I loved the way it looked, but when the new drapes for the family room were hung I knew it would have to change! Here is a reminder of how it did look.
And here is how it looks now!
It all started with the mirror!  While shopping at my fav picking spot, there it was and as you all have had this happen...it leaped into my cart, along with the brass sconce.  In case you didn't know...brass is back!  With the exception of the orchid, nothing in this vignette is new and I think that is what might make me the happiest. 

Did you notice you can see my drapes in the mirror?  I've always heard if you are going to hang a mirror it needs to reflect something beautiful....mission accomplished(cause I'm still head over heels for those drapes)!

08 October 2013

Styling a Space without a Name

It is too big to be considered a landing, to big to be called a nook, it is an area that all the bedrooms upstairs connect to....ya'll I have never known what to call the area at the top of our stairs on the second floor.  I even called Bestie P and asked her, she too drew a blank.  For the most part we call it the upstairs foyer because it sits exactly above the foyer so, we are just gonna go with that!  This is a spot that serves no particular function in the house but it sure is a great place to decorate.

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