31 August 2015

Bamboo At Last

Almost as soon as I started actively antiquing, I fell head over heels for bamboo.  When most think of bamboo I doubt they think of it in an antique point of reference.  I'd say most think of it in a tropical locale.  The price tag has always been a little on the steep side for any bamboo tables, shelves or mirrors I've come across.

Back earlier in the summer at one of our fav spots, I saw it.  As I get close to the table I think to myself you know this thing is gonna be at least $400...they usually are.  I lift the tag and see the price

35 bucks!


04 August 2015

Celebrating Our 25th Wedding Anniverary

Twenty five years ago today we exchanged vows before God, Family and Friends at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church here in Auburn.

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