14 August 2018

Life in the Dorm

Yesterday was the day!  We moved our son into the dorm.  I don't mind to say it was a bittersweet day but, that's a story I'll save for another day.  Today, I'd like to share his dorm room with you.
I've already shared that he is a freshman at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Al. He is majoring in chemistry and is one of Huntingdon's merit scholars.  He will be marching in their band this fall and play bassoon in their concert bands in the spring.
The incoming freshman are divided into a male and female dorm that are across campus from one another.  John is in a shared dorm room as the majority of the students are there.  Since John is a band kid he was able to move in ahead of the roommate, other than his name we know absolutely nothing about him!  Here is what it looked like before we moved in his belongings.

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