27 February 2013

The Laundry Room

I've found oddles of inspiration for my home via other blogs.  The one I continue to enjoy the most came from Suzy @ Worthing Court  When I first became aware of blogs, some how I came upon her laundry room and went nuts over it.  The color was great, she had a traditional styled washer/dryer ( like me) and this drying rack that I HAD to have!  So, after much searching on the internet I found that rack or at least one that was similar and ordered it.
Here is what the room look like just after we moved in.


20 February 2013

College Inspired Boy's Room

Clearly, you can tell what college team we pull for with the reveal of this bedroom.  This  room belongs to our oldest son.  It is probably the perfect time to mention that the Hubs and I met in college at Auburn University.  So our boys have no option but to be HUGE fans.


19 February 2013

Coastal Guest Room

Ya'll, I am positively delighted to share our Coastal Inspired Guest Room.  If I had to chose a favorite room in our house it is the Guest Room. 


18 February 2013

Surprise 50th Dinner Party

On Sunday, we and by we I mean 12 of our closest friends and family surprised the Hubs with a 50th Birthday dinner.  My FIL was able to keep him occupied all afternoon while I cooked and fine tuned the house for the event.  
It is still such a shock that I actually was able to pull off a surprise for him. It should be noted that I am never rarely able to keep a secret, but this time I was successful.


12 February 2013

Our Fifth House

In January 2007, we made the move into our 5th house.  Our home in Savannah sold within two weeks of listing, which was good news/bad news.  This meant we needed to find a house fast!  My first and only house hunting trip was a total bust.  The Hubs was tasked with picking out our new home, funny thing is I wasn't concerned at all. We never stayed in a house longer than 2 years so, I figured we would be fine with whatever we landed in. This house from the start needed so very much done to it, so we started with the exterior. This is how it looked on move in day.  

.  The first thing we did was to consult with a landscaper.  The landscaper said we needed "movement" in our design, not to mention lots of new shrubs and a few ornamental trees.

09 February 2013

Greetings Ya'll!

In the fall of 2011, Bestie K introduced me to the world of blogging.  I had absolutely no idea that women were online talking about and posting pictures of their homes, not to mention their day to day lives with their families.  Almost immediately my friend said, “you should do this.”  So, here I am finally doing “this.”

I’m Tamyra.  Growing up in the south, I would have never dreamed that I would live all over the United States. Living in so many different states has made me appreciate southern life.  The one place that has touched my heart has been the Georgia Coast.  Although we don’t live there, you will surely see a coastal influence in our home.  I’m a mother of 2 boys and a wife of 22 years.  I positively adore the beach, shrimp, cherry sodas, boys in pink shirts, throwing parties, Spanish moss dripping from oak trees, country music, college football, home décor, and most of all my family.
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