29 July 2013

Window Shopping a Furniture Store

Everyone has that one store that they love to window shop.  Once a year I get to window shop at Taylor's House on St. Simon Island and on occasion I actually make a purchase.  Mostly I shop Taylor's  just to oogle their gorgeous rooms for inspiration.  This year I walked out of the door with lots of ideas for a few diy projects!


11 July 2013

Up Close & Personal

It is an known fact that I adore any and all things coastal.  While on my recent trip to Saint Simons Island, I happened upon the annual arts and crafts show.  As I strolled through the many vendors that were selling their wares I spied something familiar. As I  approached an artist's booth and began to swoon over the most gorgeous works of art that all had a coastal flair.  I knew this artist...not really... but I had bought his work before.  In fact his Marsh Study inspired my entire Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom.


04 July 2013

Saint Simons Island: Arrival

This place is just like home to us...not really... but considering we always stay in this Villa, it is home to us.  We've gotten to know all of the full time residents in this section of Villas and their pets. In this section that we stay, there are 2 of the original owners from the 70's.


02 July 2013

Georgia's Golden Isles

Out of all the places we could vacation, the Georgia Coast will always be our first choice.  Some 22+ years ago Honey brought me here on our honeymoon.  Prior to the honeymoon neither of us had ever been there so it was new for both of us.  More often than not we spend our vacation between Saint Simons Island & Jekyll Island.  We drive over from Alabama and it is a really nice and easy drive.  I love those little south Georgia towns we drive thru on our way.  As we get close, off in a distance we can see a bridge that for me, marks the beginning of the vacation.

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