28 August 2019

Sophomore Year Dorm Life

Most parents of college aged children will agree when I say life is speeding past at break neck speed!  I find it incredibly hard to believe that we moved our youngest back into the dorm last week.  Last year I shared every detail of his dorm in this post.  Well of course, I'm sharing his dorm with all of you this year as well.  Along with 5 friends they all decided to room together in what is called a cluster, think 3 bedroom apartment minus a full kitchen.  Let's start with a before of the bedrooms.
Blount Hall Cluster Huntingdon College
 I've tried to keep the photo editing to a minimum for those that might find this post organically as they search for photos of the dorms at Huntingdon College. 
huntingdon college blount hall cluster

Here is the after of John's side of the room.

Huntingdon College Blount Hall Cluster
All the bedrooms come with a lofted twin xl bed/mattress, chest that you see, a night stand and a desk.  We opted to move the night stand and the desk out of the room into their storage area.  Had I seen the room prior to move in I might have put the chest under the bed and placed the desk where his chest is.  John loves having the elevated shelf on that chest, he remarked that he would have been unable to have used the desk as intended with that shelf.  He typically studies in one of the other buildings.  Blount Hall has a study room so maybe he will study there if he needs to.  Three of his roommates also have aspirations of going to medical school so, these kids are serious students all on the Dean's List with High Honors last year.
Huntingdon College Blount Cluster

Blount Hall Huntingdon College Cluster
John might have been happiest that they have their own bathroom that is inside their cluster.
 On either end of the vanity is a tub and toilet combination.  There is plenty of storage below the vanity.
The family room looked pretty sparse upon arrival.  I'm told by other parents and John that some of the other guys brought a a rug, tv stand and an assortment of chairs and futons.
huntingdon college blount hall living room
The kitchenette is as expected.  Other than a Keurig they are not allowed to have appliances such as a toaster.  The storage is more than adequate for this area I think.
This shows the roommate's side of the room prior to his arrival. 
 You might look at these photos and wonder where the other roommates belongings are.  As a section leader in the band, John moved in a few days ahead of the other 5 guys for band camp!  I will admit it was nice to have the place all to ourselves!
I never posted a recap of John's freshman year but it was a very good year.  He was on the Dean's List with High Honors both semesters, became a brother with Sigma Nu, was first runner up at the Mr. Huntingdon pageant, was elected as the sophomore class president and was awarded the highest average in the general chemistry classes.  He might be the most proud of being dubbed the #buf all over campus!  I'll end this post by saying:

27 August 2019

Antique Crests

Botanical prints have long been a fav of mine to use in our home.  These prints have been in this spot for 6 years now.   For ages I've wanted to shift the prints that were on the wall going up the front stairs to another location.

What was I going to put on that very large wall?!  Meanwhile, my growing collection of shields/crest were spread out around the house without much notice.  I decided to group them all together on that wall.

Ya'll these were  picked  up all over the place, thrift stores, junk stores along with a few of the antique stores I love!  The big red one, $6 at a true junk store.  


This large gray and red one isn't that old I don't think, though weathered so my guess is that is was hung outside.  I picked it up at Scott's Antique market from Hedgerow Antiques!  If you haven't met  Laurie at Scott's you need to!  She always has the most incredible and unique pieces!

Some of these are absolutely new and I selected those for the color!  The wooden plaques came from England and I believe they are of a military background.  

Regardless of where they came from they all marry quite well.  Since I'm forever on the hunt for more, I'm certain the collection will grow!


03 June 2019

A Getaway at Ocean Inn & Suites

Back in early spring I went on a 3 state thrifting adventure.  The trip wasn't a great trip in the realm of thrifting but, along the way I saw beautiful scenery.  As you all know, I love St. Simons Island and go there as often as possible. This trip up and down the eastern seaboard gave way to a one night stay at Ocean Inn & Suites.  For many years I've wanted to stay at this hotel as the location is ideal.  As luck would have it the rate was in my budget so I booked!
St. Simons Island Georgia Ocean Inn & Suites


18 February 2019

HRH Antiques

One of my first trips out after finally getting over all my sickness was over to Pine Mountain, Georgia.  As always I manage to stop by all my fav antique spots, the guys at Sweet Home Antiques told me I “had” to stop by HRH Antiques & Design, so of course I did!


15 February 2019

Antique Delight

The very moment I saw this antique chest I fell hard!  It was styled beautifully (wish I had a pic but think antique shaving mirror with a pair of lamps on either side and lots of other wonderful pieces sitting on top) and was sitting my Bestie N’s bathroom.  As luck would have it, she found a piece she loved more than that chest. Knowing I wanted the chest she called and asked if I was interested...heck yeah!!!  I had no idea where it was going but for sure I wanted it!


12 February 2019

Blue and White in the Kitchen

Over the past 6 years the glass door cabinets in the kitchen have stayed relatively the same.  Often times I’ve thought that I wanted or needed to change them up and while I did tweak them I never took everything out and started fresh, until recently.


11 February 2019

Valentine's Day Cheer

For someone that adores Valentine’s day you should can’t tell by my decorations this year.  With one kid away at college and my other college child always on campus, hardly at home these days I opted to use my bar car as a treat station.  I took all of their favs (Honey’s too) and prettied the bar cart with a few of my fav crystal pieces. 


07 February 2019

A New Year, A Clean Attic

It has been an interesting few weeks!  Realizing that you all haven't heard from me in the New Year I feel like you might be owed an explanation!  Did I just say New Year??  Gosh just a few weeks ago it was Christmas and now here we are approaching Valentine's Day!  My January was a crazy one, I was sick with 3 different things that knocked me back by a few weeks!  I feel so behind in every aspect of my life! The day before I ended up with food poisoning, I decided it was time to tackle one of the attic spaces.  John was still home from college so he was an enormous help.  Maybe you recall in an instastory some time ago i mentioned I had 23 lamps in I the attic, the count of lamps is down a bit!   Here are a few photos of how it looked when I started!  

To say it was a disaster would be correct!  Just trying to shove the Christmas stuff that I store in this attic (we have 5 smallish attic spaces) was a huge effort.  This was just one of the loads I took to a local thrift store. 

The plan was to get all this stuff out and then go thru the remaining tubs that hold seasonal items among other treasures!  Then the very next day I had a burger from 5 Guys(I've always loved their burgers)and for the next 5 days I was incredibly sick!  When I walked out that afternoon preburger this is what it looked like AND still looks like!

The weather got cold again and I couldn't even bring myself to open the attic door.  Waiting in the attic is still a mountain of work as you can see from the photos above.  The revised plan is to get in there when life settles back down (maybe next week) and sort through those tubs.  I even need to sweep and put out lots of whatever it takes to rid the attic of the mice that have been calling it home...ya'll that is another blog post entirely! 

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