25 September 2020

Tailgate Time

The excitement in Auburn this week is almost palpable.  For the past few months most have wondered what football would look like this fall or if there would be football at all.  Thank goodness the SEC made sure that our football would go on.  That said, as a resident of Auburn I'm relieved that they are limiting of seating inside Jordan Hare stadium so maybe there won't be an enormous flux of folks in our little town.  In addition to limited seating, they've said there will be no tailgating with tables, tents and such...all due to the corona virus.   Since there will be no tailgating I've opted to created our own version right here at home!

Anytime before I have any sort of a gathering with food I plan out what I'm going to have and what dishes I will use. Also I'll determine which dish/bowl/platter will get which food.  This pretty much tells ya'll I'm not a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal!
Most of these platters and serving trays I've had for many years.  You'll notice I've kept buckets we get popcorn in from the stadium, they hold chips great!
The orange and blue megaphones were a cute find at online craft store.  I simply google orange and blue megaphone and up they popped!  Found a couple other cute pieces there as well!
Those tallish blue and gold canisters are also new, those are from Montgomery Antiques.  As soon as I saw them I knew they would hold our cutlery for tailgates!  You might not know what the W and the E are for....as Auburn fans we say War Eagle!  
I always save shakers form all the games and they came in pretty handy under this vegetable tray!
I've debated food for the tailgate.  I'll pick up bbq from Country's Barbeque along with their baked beans cause ya'll they are the best EVER! You have to have wings if there is a football game so I'll grab those at Publix!   I'll have chips, crackers, vegetables and a dip or 2 of some sort.  
Gosh typing that out made me hungry and tired!  
Ya'll have a great weekend

24 September 2020

Fall Family Room Tour

My fall tour continues today in our family room.   This corner has been dubbed the prettiest corner in the house.  This corner holds lots of my fav pieces, starting with the drapes and moving on to the gate legged table.  Adding the pumpkin pillow makes it fallish without overdoing it!
 The gate legged table holds some of my best finds in antiquing along with thrifting.  As I mentioned in my kitchen post, using real flowers is relatively new to me.  The flowers continue to be enjoyed.
The pillows on the club chairs are much the same color as the ones I've used prior.  These have a bit more texture which seems appropriate for the change in weather we've been having.

This soup tureen seems to be my go to for fall decor, I adore how the pops of orange pop from it.  The small blue pumpkin happens to be the exact color of the Blue Willow.
The one piece I've been looking to replace and have come up short is our coffee table.  I'll admit I'll be sad the day it goes but, that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.  For now this one does the job!  The Imari goes perfectly with an orange and blue theme that is the heart of Auburn University's colors.  We had hopped both kids would join us as alum, we are glad Andrew followed the family tradition!  The Imari bowl also pairs well with Blue Willow. 
I'll never forget the first time I saw this pumpkin pillow at another blogger's home.  I knew it would be perfect with the decor in our home.  Searching all over the country to find this pillow at Pier 1 I came up short.  The next year I was smart and looked for it early and found it!
I love when the house is tidy and I can stand in the family room and look through to the kitchen.  This was one of those moments!  I'm off to get ready for the tailgate this Saturday as we welcome in SEC football here in Auburn!!!
If you missed the fall table or the fall kitchen tour be sure to look here & here!

23 September 2020

Fall Kitchen Table

Our Kitchen table is a work horse.  I can't even begin to name all the countless things that take place at our table that also includes eating.  It is often difficult to keep the table free of other items but at the beginning of the holiday season I give it a real go!  This assortment of pumpkins dominates the table along with the lantern.
Speaking of lanterns, this one always gets pulled out in the fall due to the copper finish.  Inside the lantern I've placed a pillar holder with an orange candle and 2 fall napkin rings.  Yes I took the round part of the napkin ring off but, the small pumpkins were ideal to put inside the lantern.

I always look for small votive holders to place around displays like this in the fall.  The candle light sets a certain ambiance to the home.

In case you didn't see yesterday's kitchen tour here is a view of the table looking into the kitchen!


22 September 2020

Fall Kitchen Tour

The kitchen did get a fresh fall look over the weekend.  As I've said many times, fall is my least favorite of seasons.  That said, I've made an effort to make the kitchen a bit festive for fall!  The Island is the most fall of the spaces.
The small touches of orange work well for the kitchen.  I've put a few of the treats my crew likes on the tiered server.  Honey loves candy corn and the boys though not home often have always loved a sucker!

The Happy Everything plate always brings a pop of color to any space.  The glass pumpkin was a clearance find last year at Pier 1.  Have I said how sad I am that they have closed?!  We all love Goldfish so I've added those to a small Blue Willow bowl.

The oil painting over the stove was a find during our vacation.  I'd looked for ages to find an oil painting that would work in this spot.  
Rarely have I ever brought fresh flowers into our home and that had to do with the fact when our cats were living they would eat the flowers.  That never had a positive outcome, so I just never had them around.  Now that we are a pet free home I often forget I can bring in real plants and flowers!  These certainly brighten this corner of the kitchen!

 Maybe I'll bring out a few more pieces the closer we get to Halloween.  For now this is a perfect start!
Pop back tomorrow as I share our kitchen table!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!
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