20 March 2013

Master Bedroom Ceiling

The Master Bedroom is going under a bit of a face lift.  The ceiling has driven me a bit crazy for all these years. When we moved in there was a chandelier that I very quickly relocated to the tub area in the master bath. Here it is.


19 March 2013

Saturday Night Supper

On Friday night, me and Bestie B decided we should get the husbands together and grill for Saturday. B is a legend at hosting dinner parties and is quite possibly the best cook in all of our neighborhood.  Usually, when it is just us, we share the responsibility of  what we are going to have to eat.    B's husband R is a grilling expert and we always leave that detail to him.  We had a giant salad which is always mandatory, a potato dish and grilled corn.  Nobody but nobody grills corn like B & R.  As many times as I try I fail every. single. time.  So I thought it only fair to share her expertise via pics so maybe someone else can make what I can't make.

First, a pic of the big salad.



18 March 2013

Painting the Deck

With spring comes the annual painting of the deck and no I'm not kidding, I do this every year!  The deck on our house was painted when we moved in or I would have never ever started doing this.  Why do we paint it ever year you might ask?  Besides the fact it just looks so great when it is fresh, the paint fades and it just looks dirty.  When I have a project I sometimes get really excited and forget to take before pics so here is the best I got when I realized I hadn't already taken them.


15 March 2013

Band Concert

Long ago when our youngest son was in second grade he decided that he wanted to play the bassoon.  This decision came out of no where.  To this day the only explanation I can offer is that he likes the sounds of low instruments.  Here is a pic of him the first time he held an actual bassoon with whom would become his instructor.

As precious as this picture is, it is hard not to notice how big the instrument is compared to him.  The instructor told me that if he stayed interested that he would be happy to give lessons, when he grew into the instrument around 5th grade.  Fast forward to the end of 6th grade when they are given the choice of electives.  There was no doubt that he'd be a band kid and mind you I had already decided that he should play the drums.  After all I was already lining up the best studio drummer in all of Nashville to give private lessons over the summer.  He comes home from school one day and proudly announces to me that he has already selected the bassoon.  What can you do but embrace your child's decision and just go with it.  The progress he has made is truly remarkable.  This past weekend his school participated in the city wide band concert.  His school band is 246 members strong which is an impressive number I think.


13 March 2013

Pantry Organization

It seems like the recent theme with fellow bloggers is to keep things "real."  Well I've got to confess, my pantry was a "real" hot mess!  The pantry itself is an awkward design as it is nestled under the stairs.  I've been looking at this space for 6 long, suffering years trying to figure out what else I can do and I've determined nothing can be done.  So with that I will work with what I've got!
Without further adieu, here was my pantry.


12 March 2013

Spring Time Blooms

It seems that Spring is at long last beginning to arrive here on the plains and I couldn't be happier!  It is a well known fact here in our little town, that my in laws...aka Pie & G-Dad, have the absolute prettiest yard.  They have even been awarded Prettiest Yard in our fair town.  People come from far and near to have their children photographed there.  It should be noted that G-Dad spends countless hours seeing to every square inch of the yard.  The brother in law owns a nursery business so he makes sure that Pie has every bloom her heart could desire.  So stroll with me through the garden at the Manor on Kimberly.

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