18 February 2019

HRH Antiques

One of my first trips out after finally getting over all my sickness was over to Pine Mountain, Georgia.  As always I manage to stop by all my fav antique spots, the guys at Sweet Home Antiques told me I “had” to stop by HRH Antiques & Design, so of course I did!

HRH Antiques is located  at 103 Broad Street in Pine Mountain, GA.  The store front is in what had once been a bank, even the safe it still there.

Let me share a few photos from the store.  These are real French antiques mixed with a few pieces that are new. 

The owner was there the day I popped in.  She was such a delight, very knowledgeable about antiques.   She is also an interior designer in Atlanta.

This chandelier was my fav item in the store.  The shields that surround the fixture are gorgeous!
Should you love “real”antiques be sure to swing by HRH and tell them Positively Southern sent you!

15 February 2019

Antique Delight

The very moment I saw this antique chest I fell hard!  It was styled beautifully (wish I had a pic but think antique shaving mirror with a pair of lamps on either side and lots of other wonderful pieces sitting on top) and was sitting my Bestie N’s bathroom.  As luck would have it, she found a piece she loved more than that chest. Knowing I wanted the chest she called and asked if I was interested...heck yeah!!!  I had no idea where it was going but for sure I wanted it!

With my new antique chest in place I knew the dog painting would pair well it.  It looks gorgeous don’t you think?

Many pieces of Staffordshire were tried but, this one looked best. The Imari plate compliments the colors in the Staffordshire along with the oil painting.

You might have seen the chest right after it moved in an instastory.  I’ve received many questions asking if it is a drop down desk behind the doors. Behind the doors there are shelves.

Every time I walk past or catch a glimpse of the piece I stop and smile in disbelief that it is sitting in MY house!!!


12 February 2019

Blue and White in the Kitchen

Over the past 6 years the glass door cabinets in the kitchen have stayed relatively the same.  Often times I’ve thought that I wanted or needed to change them up and while I did tweak them I never took everything out and started fresh, until recently.

Through the fall and Christmas I collected a few new pieces to go in the cabinets.  The soup tureen is Lenox, it is gorgeous and photos doesn’t do it justice.

For months I’ve wanted to mix some green with all my Blue Willow.  These green Wedgewood plates were an incredible find at Scott’s Antiques.  These plates are often $40 each!   Ya’ll I paid $40 for 4 of these!    My antique buddy had told me I’d never find any for the price I was willing to pay….proved her wrong!! 

These plates are also Wedgewood and I picked these up ages ago at Scott’s.  They’ve been sitting in a cabinet just waiting to come out.  My intention was to put them on the wall in the guest bedroom with some updates I’m planning so these may shift, I have a total of four of these!

One thing I hope to accomplish this year is to either tile or paint the backsplash with something white.  For some reason I find it difficult to commit to a tile project as that is permanent.  The color of the wall and the same color in the curtains and granite just looks icky to me these days.    

I keep thinking if I just painted it white it would give me a bit of an update but could still do the tile at some point.  I’d love to hear what you guys think…please let me know!!!


11 February 2019

Valentine's Day Cheer

For someone that adores Valentine’s day you should can’t tell by my decorations this year.  With one kid away at college and my other college child always on campus, hardly at home these days I opted to use my bar car as a treat station.  I took all of their favs (Honey’s too) and prettied the bar cart with a few of my fav crystal pieces. 

Since conversation hearts are Honey’s favs and he kept going into the dining room to visit said treat station I opted to move it to the kitchen!

It doesn’t have to be over the top to be special!  I’ve never met a man or kid that doesn’t love a Little Debbie cake and they look so pretty on the marble stand.  Years ago I’d have worked myself to death making cookies from scratch.  I’ve stopped reinventing the wheel and now take the easy way out.  

Happy early Valentine's Day!!!


07 February 2019

A New Year, A Clean Attic

It has been an interesting few weeks!  Realizing that you all haven't heard from me in the New Year I feel like you might be owed an explanation!  Did I just say New Year??  Gosh just a few weeks ago it was Christmas and now here we are approaching Valentine's Day!  My January was a crazy one, I was sick with 3 different things that knocked me back by a few weeks!  I feel so behind in every aspect of my life! The day before I ended up with food poisoning, I decided it was time to tackle one of the attic spaces.  John was still home from college so he was an enormous help.  Maybe you recall in an instastory some time ago i mentioned I had 23 lamps in I the attic, the count of lamps is down a bit!   Here are a few photos of how it looked when I started!  

To say it was a disaster would be correct!  Just trying to shove the Christmas stuff that I store in this attic (we have 5 smallish attic spaces) was a huge effort.  This was just one of the loads I took to a local thrift store. 

The plan was to get all this stuff out and then go thru the remaining tubs that hold seasonal items among other treasures!  Then the very next day I had a burger from 5 Guys(I've always loved their burgers)and for the next 5 days I was incredibly sick!  When I walked out that afternoon preburger this is what it looked like AND still looks like!

The weather got cold again and I couldn't even bring myself to open the attic door.  Waiting in the attic is still a mountain of work as you can see from the photos above.  The revised plan is to get in there when life settles back down (maybe next week) and sort through those tubs.  I even need to sweep and put out lots of whatever it takes to rid the attic of the mice that have been calling it home...ya'll that is another blog post entirely! 

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