21 April 2021

National Jelly Bean Day

Tomorrow, April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day!  Often times I wonder who comes up with a day of tribute for any particular item but, a day to celebrate the Jelly Bean is okay by me!  I've always loved a jelly bean as does my family.  It seemed appropriate to create a menagerie of this delightful confection.

After a bit of research on the history of jelly beans, I discovered that the origins of the bean is unknown. It is believed to be a descendant of a mid eastern confection known as Turkish Delight that dates back to preBiblial times.  

Jelly Beans were often sold in pretty glass jars in general stores back in the 1800s.  To pay tribute to those days, I gathered a few pretty glass jars of my own to create a display. 

This particular jar was one of my maternal grandmother. As a child, I well recall this holding orange slices that both my Grandparents always enjoyed.  I regret not asking her where she got it and when. Since I am  55 I can on only guess that it is at least as old. Grandmother would be delighted to know that I'd taken a picture of something that was hers for all to see!

Weve had a few gloomy days this week, these bright and cheery colors sure do brighten the kitchen.

Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

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