30 May 2014

Graduation Church Service

It is so special each year when our church recognizes the graduating Seniors.  The entire service is centered around what life will have in store for these now young adults.  For the past few years I have helped to host the reception that we have for the Seniors but this year it was my turn to NOT be in charge for obvious reasons and it was such a treat!


29 May 2014

Graduation Mailbox Decor

Each year the graduating seniors in our neighborhood are treated to a congratulatory sign for their mailbox.  They are  made by such a sweet and thoughtful neighbor named Kim.  We were absolutely delighted when she put Andrew's on our mailbox this year!


28 May 2014

Guest Room Redo...Again!

It won't come as any surprise to you all that yet again I've revamped the Guest Bedroom.  As much as I adore that coastal feel that it had, I just thought it might be time for a bit of a change.  The guest room is one of my fav rooms in our house and it gets lots of use considering we are in a college town, football season and all.  I'm always delighted to have guest join us and I have a desire to make their stay a comfortable one.  Even since this pic below I found another little something that I added, you will notice in the next pic.


26 May 2014

Do You Have an Emergency Plan

No....I'm not talking about a hurricane plan or even a fire escape plan.  I'm talking about an I'm away from home and an emergency occurs plan.  Before you even think we had something happen at our house, it didn't.  But Saturday night while watering the plants on our front porch I heard water dripping.  The sound was water hitting a piece of metal.  My first thought was it hasn't rained in over a week so where on this earth was it coming from.  I stood silent for just a bit and realized it was across the street.  As I began to walk up the drive the sound got louder and then I could see that the house across the street had water falling onto their copper roof over their bay window.  At this point I should mention that I have NEVER met these neighbors, seven years I've lived across the street and we've NEVER spoke...can you relate?  Do you have neighbors you've never met?  Back to the story, I get Honey to walk with me over to their house and speak with them if they are even at home.  When we got close to their house you could really see that their was a good bit of water dripping down the side of their house all coming from their attic,  ya'll that is TWO floors that water is seeping into.  This pic doesn't show the whole truth as I took it after a nice hot day but later in the day it was really looking bad!


25 May 2014

Memorial Day Tablescape

Memorial Day was originally called decoration day.  A day where we honor those that have lost their lives in our nation's service.  In my mind I envision ladies decorating their men folk's graves with flowers and flags.  For most, I believe it marks the beginning of summertime.  If there is one thing I like to do it is surely a reason to pull out all of my red, white & blue everything. Memorial Day is a great reason to celebrate by doing just that!  We always do our best to throw some sort of a cookout for the occasion.  The cookout usually consists of burgers and steaks with all the expected trimmings.  Here is a peak of what my table scape typically looks like.


02 May 2014

Changes in the Living Room

It was time for some changes in the Living Room/Office.  The latest addition to the room has been up since before Christmas and how on this earth I didn't think to share it before now is beyond me!  I do love prints of ships and ocean scenes as ya'll well know.  Just as a reminder of what the room looked like before be sure to see those posts here and here.   My collection of coat of arms has at long last found a home right beside the ship print.

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