12 March 2015

Decorating the Top of a Refrigerator

Do you decorate the top of your refrigerator?  It might depend it your fridge has cabinets that cover the top of yours.  In the 5 houses we have owned I don't recall if they had cabinets that would have prevented me from decorating over it or not.  But in this home, there are cabinets that are over the fridge but it is not counter sunk.  I probably have maybe 18 inches or less to play around with.
During Christmas I had a collection of Christmas cookbooks along with other random kitchen Christmas decor over ours.  After the holidays,I just left it bare and pondered what I might put up there...all the way to March I pondered.
Then I decided to move a few things around and  this is what I came up with!  Since my cabinets are white and I have stainless appliances my kitchen has a tendency to feel cold, at least  to me.  So I put a Demijohn along with some wooden boxes filled with dishes and cookbooks to warms things up.



11 March 2015

Painting the Garage

A few weeks ago I shared the garage in it's unorganized state.  In case you missed it you can see it right here.  Not a pretty sight for sure.
This week I would like to share the actual painting of the garage.  As you can see below the walls are covered floor to ceiling in bead board...unfinished bead board.  Knowing that it is unfinished, soaking up the paint like a sponge was as sure as the sun is gonna set in the west!   When I attended Haven Conference (blogging conference) the fine folks at HomeRight were there demonstrating their paint sprayers.  I just happened to have a photo of our garage and the lady told me she thought I'd need the HomeRight Power-Flo Pro 2800.  So guess what, they just sent me one! It truly is an amazing piece of equipment!  At first we started off with a bucket of Kilz that I had tinted.  A couple of rooms in the house had already been painted Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and I felt like that might be a great option for the garage.


10 March 2015

The Silk Drapery Company

During the process of having my custom drapes made I know I went on and on about them.  They really are my dream drapes as I blogged about them here.   I still love them as much as I did the first day they were hung!  The right window treatments can really make or break a room!
On a recent trip to Scott's there was a new vendor there, The Silk Drapery Company.  What immediately caught my eye was a drapery panel that was exactly like mine!


09 March 2015

Gorgeous Guest Bath

Last week I was over at a friend's home that I've been too many times and every time I go I insist on seeing her Guest Bedroom and Bathroom.  Her home has the most fantastic bathrooms of which I am totally jealous of (mine aren't great).  But there is just something about her guest bathroom that makes me just wanna hang out in there.  As always I was armed with  my camera and insisted I take a few pics to share with all of you!


03 March 2015

A New Vignette

Months ago during a trip to Scott's Antiques I became acquanited with The Englishman's, an antique store in Atlanta that specializes in English Antiques.  This past weekend they had a big sale at their store front that we(me and my antique buddy)had to attend.  While my friend found the most fantastic pieces that fit lovely into her home, I came home with a couple pieces of Staffordshire.  Ya'll know how much I positively adore Staffordshire!  Hard to imagine how such a small statue can add so much to a vignette but, in regards to color it always brightens any spot.
I knew just where this piece would land as soon as it came in the door.


02 March 2015

Let's Get Under the Sink

Each day I open the cabinet doors beneath my kitchen sink and many times it is somewhat of a juggling act.  I'd work to organize and within a few weeks those old habits of just tossing stuff  creep back in.

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