12 May 2016

The Debut of our Master Bedroom

Our rarely seen master bedroom is finally making its full debut on the blog today!  I've struggled with this room since the day we moved in, it just isn't a room that WOWS you... know what I mean?  The 2 homes prior to this had amazing master suites but, ya'll this is just a master bedroom!  Maybe it is the size, it is for sure the smallest master we've had since our very first home.  At any rate, I gotta work with what I got!
Let's first talk about the wall that the dresser sits on, since it has been my biggest challenge.  I'm certain that all the experts and maybe even some of you will say you should never had a tv in the bedroom.  Personally, laying in bed watching TV is one of my fav things to do so, the TV had to be worked around.  I posed that exact statement to a designer and immediately she said "keep the TV."  But she followed that up with a  "you just need to camouflage it."


05 May 2016

A New Home for the Dogs

A couple weeks ago I shared a post about my new painting for over the fireplace, you can catch up on that here.  When I changed out one painting for the new one it left the dogs homeless.  Here they are in all their glory over the mantle.


04 May 2016

Makeover Madness

Welcome to our Makeover Madness Blog Hop!!!  If you are popping over from  MJones Style I'm delighted you are here!  Her #makeovermadnessbloghop was fabulous!

If you are a regular follower of the blog you are in for a real treat as I've partnered with an amazing company, Velvet Finishes and 10 amazing bloggers to bring  you inspiration in all your DIY projects.

I should profess something right from the start....I've never embraced this whole "let's paint everthing in sight movement" that many have done.  That said, there are several pieces in our home that are painted.  So when I was asked me to be part of this I jumped at the chance to see what all this painting was about.

My project started with an Ikea chest called the Rast.  I'd seen several makeovers on this particular piece and thought it would be an ideal project for me.

Honey was a very good sport and assembled the chest for me.  Just as soon as he got it put together I slapped a coat of Kilz on it.


03 May 2016

All Decked Out

After a grueling 2 days of painting the deck along with the outdoor furniture it sure is good to stand back and admire your own hard work.

When we bought the house the deck was already painted so we have had no choice but to keep painting it.  Once in the spring it gets a fresh coat and then before the leaves start to fall in September I give it another coat.  It helps my feeling in the dreaded winter time to have it not look so bad.

Last fall when all the outdoor cushions went clearance at Pier 1 Imports I was able to snag new cushions for a DEAL!


02 May 2016

Dressing up the Driveway

It was past time for this area to get dressed up and styled!  Of all of our outdoor spaces, this might be our most used one.

When the boys were younger we spent lots of time playing on the drive.  I'd drag out a chair in a bag and watch them.  Then one day I upgraded by moving a wrought iron glider in this spot and that is where it sat for the past 8 years.  This year I decided to amp it up by moving a couple of chairs that were on the deck and dressing them up in new cushions and pillows from Pier 1 Imports.

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