30 April 2013

My Dream Drapes

For years, I've ogled everyone's custom window treatments and wondered if I'd ever have the luxury of living somewhere long enough to warrant said treatments.  January marked our 6th year in our 5th house so it was decided there was no time like the present to get started.  Only, having never done this before frankly I didn't have a clue where to begin.  I picked up the phone and contacted a professional.  Lisa has taken the time to get to know me a little better(we were already friends) and help me pick something that was "me."  So after weeks of looking and ordering swatches and being totally confused about what I really like and or want.... I made the choice.


27 April 2013

Toomer's Oaks a Day of Celebration

Growing up in Alabama, you have to chose a side.  My choice was made for me by my Daddy as he was a peanut farmer and well, all know that farmers HAVE to pull for Auburn.  I grew up not going to an Auburn University football game but listening to them via my Daddy's tractor radio!  As a little girl I could imagine what it must be like, the band...the majorettes...the cheerleaders and of course the football team!  It never occurred to me that 120 miles away, there were tailgaters and people rolling toilet paper in downtown Auburn.
 It was really a family affair to pull for Auburn.  Sister and her husband moved to Auburn in the early 80's and became Dye Hard fans(a popular phrase relating to our then coach). Sister's mister's father was an Auburn man too so when it came time for my niece to pick a college...you guessed it she came here.  We were so proud of her when she made the Auburn University Flag Line.  It gave an entirely different meaning to watching the half time show!


Auburn Tablescape

Prior to the A-Day game last weekend we had a simple lunch with friends. It was such a beautiful day that we dined on the deck.  And since it was in celebration of the A-Day game and the last goodbye of our beloved Oaks I used my best Orange and Blue tableware!


09 April 2013

The World of Coke

Last week was Spring Break for us and while it seemed more like a winter break with the temps we had,  we headed to Atlanta to the World of Coke.  When we arrived it was almost lunch time and we enjoyed a chilly lunch on site.
What Spring Break is complete without a good friend to come along.

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