30 April 2014

Graduation Invitation Options

How is it even possible that I have a child graduating from High School?!  I mean, ya'll it really does seem like just yesterday that I was walking him down that hall to Kindergarten.  Whether I am ready or not he WILL graduation in late May.  This year has been a flurry of activities all relating to being a Senior.  Just as school finished last year they lined them up for Senior pictures and so it went from there.  Then came the cap and gown order and at last, the invitations.  There are so many options for invitations these days.  Even the schools have a wide variety to chose from.  We and by we I mean...I... selected the invitations we would send.  I don't think that Andrew even cared to be honest.  When the order form for the tradition school invites came I knew that just wasn't what I wanted.  Tiny Prints.com has had some of the most darling of all invitations that I have seen.  But the picture I wanted to put on the invitation wouldn't work, so their program said!  After that revelation  I went with one that didn't have a picture on the actual invite and knew I'd just have to enclose the ones we ordered from his formal portraits. So here are those from Tiny Prints.


23 April 2014

A Southern Styled Yard

Do you consider your outdoor space a place that you can decorate?  To be completely honest, I've never thought much about this short of potted plants in the expected areas, bird baths and a fountain. I could really use some help in this area so, I enlisted my friend for some much needed inspiration.   After sharing her both her front and screened porch, I ask Nadine if I could share her yardscaping...not lawn but yard!  She made me promise to come back when everything is in bloom and you know I said ..YES!  The wrought iron arbor welcomes you through a path around the property.


16 April 2014

A Southern Front Porch

Have you noticed that the front porch has seen somewhat of a revival?  We use them as added rooms for our homes.   We decorate them for all the season, we adorn them with plants of all shapes and sizes.  We even "furnish" our front porches with chairs, tables and I've even seen mirrors.  So much more are done to a porch now than in the day of just hanging a wreath on the door.  The last house we had had a porch that wrapped around all the way to the back of the house, I really miss that porch!  This house doesn't have a covered porch and while it is on a wish list it doesn't seem that will happen any time soon.  So I have to oogle everyone else's porch!  Last week I shared Friend's screened porch, you can catch that post here.  While I was there taking those pictures, it was the perfect opportunity to take pics of the front porch as well.
This is the view of their house, I should mention they just had new windows installed and the painter had not painted one of the casings should you notice that.


15 April 2014

Polishing Hardwood Floors

For those of us that have hardwood floors we know that keeping them looking good can be somewhat of a difficult task.  I will be the first to tell you that mine are scratched and have lost their shine.  Recently, my friend had the inside of her home painted and remarked that the painters had scratched her floors when they moved her furniture around.  It was surprising to me that she wasn't too concerned about it.  She told me she would just mop them with Bona Polish.  I had never heard of this product and was interested to see how it worked.  When I saw her floors I couldn't believe it.....they looked like they had just been refinished!  Since ya'll know what a copy cat I am, I immediately went to Lowe's and picked up some!

Bona 32-fl oz Floor Polish
Bona Microfiber Dust Mop

Bona Mop Pad


09 April 2014

Antiques on a Screened Porch

From the moment I first stepped into my friend's home, I knew there would be a blog post about it...heck if not 1 maybe 2....3...or as many as she would allow!  Our friendship was born out of a mutual decor style.  When we shop together(she's my antique buddy)we almost always gravitate to the same. exact. things!  So today, I am sharing Nadine's screened porch.  I will just go ahead and say it...I have screened porch envy!!!
I adore how she has sprinkled some Majolica pieces around the porch.


01 April 2014

Spring Time in the South

The pictures in this post are too pretty not to share with all of you again this year.  After such a long winter is seems especially nice to see the azaleas in bloom.  
  It is a well known fact here in our little town, that my in laws...aka Pie & G-Dad, have the absolute prettiest yard.  They have even been awarded Prettiest Yard in our fair town.  People come from far and near to have their children photographed there.  It should be noted that G-Dad spends countless hours seeing to every square inch of the yard.  The brother in law owns a nursery business so he makes sure that Pie has every bloom her heart could desire.  So stroll with me through the garden at the Manor on Kimberly.
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