19 July 2018

A Summer Soirre: Backyard Bash

With summer in full swing here in mid July it was the perfect time to have a few friends over and enjoy this time of the year.  Along with a few blog friends we will be sharing some of our fav recipes, tablescapes, and hostess gifts.
It is possible that you are starting this progressive dinner dinner right here or you might have come from Shelly's home where she shared delicious cocktails either way I'm delighted you are here!  I'm hosting appetizers out on our deck so come on out!

With the heat of the summer pressing down on us, I try to make all of our meals light.   Appetizers are no exception.  I often times think that people just over think and possibly over do for appetizers.  

Can't tell you how many times in 28 years Honey has called and said he was bringing someone home after work.  That made me always keep things that I could just kinda pull out and use.  Everyday items you have in the fridge or pantry work great for an appetizer.

 My new mantra is keep it simple! It is important to me that when I entertain it needs to look effortless.  Maybe this is because I nearly knock myself out when I do entertain! HA!

I'm so glad you guys came over and hung out while we enjoyed appetizers before heading on over to see the marvelous table that Atta Girls Says has set.  Ya'll save me a seat!!

Hostess Gifts & Party Favors  Home on Poplar Creek
Cocktails  Confetti Style
Tablescape      Atta Girl Says
Main Course     MJones Style

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