24 January 2015

Let's Talk Steak

Do you have a standard dish you prepare on Saturday night?  We typically grill on the weekend (weather permitting).  What we grill might vary from steak to burgers to hot dogs.  Tonight, we grilled up a couple steaks.  What makes this different or special is what we put on them.


21 January 2015

Master Bath Reveal

At long last I am sharing our master bath.  Before I show you all the before here is just a glimpse of the update so you can better appreciate.

 Apologies for the blurry picture but this is the only picture I have before we ripped everything out.
Mentally it was cold.  As in freeze your fanny off cold.  The white tile that you can't see from this pic was slick, when you stepped out of the shower you'd nearly bust that frozen fanny off.  The cabinetry had a cherry finish and all the hardware was gold/brass. The absolute worst thing in the entire bathroom was that the electrical outlet was inside one of those drawers.  Now that you have all gasped in disbelief about that let me paint a pic...everything in that "drawer" had to come out you wanted to say...dry your hair.   Please note the outlet to the left of the mirror, it has a sister on the other side of the tower.


20 January 2015

Family Room Update 2.0

Gosh ya'll, it has been ages since I've shown the family room off.  As a matter of fact it has been almost 2 years since the reveal, to take a walk down memory lane here is what it looked like last time you saw it.


12 January 2015

The Dining Room with a New Rug

Who doesn't like free? Last year when I attended a blog conference in Atlanta, those bloggers that participated in doing a video about why we needed new floor covering were gifted a rug of our selection.  When I say "rug" what I really mean is a piece of bound carpet.  Shaw Floors offered several designs and colors for us to select from.  The piece I selected was gray/white.  The plan was to lay this 6X9 rug on top of our dreadful bedroom carpet that is in desperate need of being replaced.

The only problem that I hadn't taken into account is that the current carpet is brown and trust me when I say that the new rug was not going to work there.  So I rolled up the new rug and it laid, in the foyer the entire month of December.  Yes all the way through Christmas!  Guests just stepped over it.   

I pondered what I should do with the rug.....and pondered some more.  Then when I took the Christmas decor down it hit me.  Why not give it a try in the dining room?  So I recruited John to help with the transition, never underestimate the "willingness to help" of a 14 year old boy!  After all he did do all the heavy lifting!

Ever since moving in 8 years ago I've wanted a rug in the dining room and while I hadn't planned on this particular rug it absolutely works!  For now!  So a very big thanks to Shaw Floors for my new rug!

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09 January 2015

The Grounds at Sweet Home Plantation

On this very cold day here in Alabama, a balmy 14 degrees as I type this, I thought I'd share my final post on Sweet Home Plantation.  These photos were taken last summer when the grass was green and everything was in full bloom at the gorgeous, historic home.   Don't you just adore this arbor that greets guests?!


08 January 2015

A New Rug in the Foyer

To say that I was thrilled when I walked into an antique store this week and finally found a rug for the foyer would be an understatement! For crying out loud, I've been looking forever for one!  In case you might need a refresher of what the foyer looked like without a rug take a look right here.

I  knew that the colors would work well with the adjacent rooms and it does!

When I first saw the rug I wondered if it was going to be too large as it is a 4X6.  So I went home and measured and promptly went back to get it!

It feels so good to scratch this off my list! Not to mention it feels as if I'm starting the year off right with such a great find!

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