01 March 2016

The Tornado

In my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama today is a somber day.  Today marks the 9th anniversary of the EF4 tornado that ripped through our town.  The tornado destroyed my high school...Enterprise High School taking the lives of 8 students and an elderly lady living close by.  Last year was my first time blogging about that day.  In tribute to those that lost their homes, their businesses and their children I'd like to share it again.  So to my faithful readers thank you for allowing me to reshare this somewhat personal event.

Most of you come to my blog to see pretty pictures and read about what I've done recently in our home.  But today, I'd like to tell you about how an EF4 tornado on  March 1, 2007 would forever change countless lives and landscape of the my hometown, Enterprise Alabama.
It was a typical Thursday for me here in Auburn, I had taken the kids to school, was home doing normal housework and of course as any good daughter would, I had talk to my parents.
Later in the morning, Mother called me back to tell me she was going to have to start her bus route earlier due to the schools letting out early in order to get the students home before the storms were expected to hit.  Have I ever mentioned she drove a school bus for Enterprise City Schools for 27 years?
Around 1:30PM a friend in Savannah called me to ask if everything was okay with me and had I seen the Weather Channel.  She went on to say that Enterprise High School had been destroyed by a tornado.

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