25 February 2014

Hanging Plates and Mirrors

My mother in law...or as the kids refer to her...Pie always says I am easy to please, just give me a plate and I am happy.  There has probably never been a more true statement, I adore plates and I especially like them hanging on a wall.  For sometime I've had an assortment of blue and white dishes hung over a side table in the dining room.  When I would take a step back it looked as if they "needed" something else hung with them. This week I decided to shop the house for a few unrelated items and then I saw a mirror I had picked up in the Fall. It occurred to me that this mirror might be just what I needed.   I am delighted with the outcome.


22 February 2014

Ingredients for a Southern Party

The past few days I've been helping a friend get ready for her son's wedding shower at our church.  We've done all the required list making and decided who is bringing their best crystal and silver serving pieces.  In addition to the serving pieces, we have also told each other what they make best and who should make/bring what.
It wasn't until this morning on a trip to Publix that it dawned on me as I laid the contents of my shopping cart onto the conveyor how very southern the ingredients for this affair were.


17 February 2014

Kitchen Restyled

Do you ever wonder why it is that you can buy one thing for a room and it necessitates an entire make over of a space?  I happened upon a cheese round that I thought would be perfect in my kitchen and here I am now writing a post about my kitchen restyled.  In case you need a reminder,take a peek at the evolution of our kitchen here.


12 February 2014

Andrew's Bedroom Update

Nothing stays the same too much at our house. Last October we switched the guest bedroom and our oldest son's room.  Almost immediately I knew what to do with the guest room but needed to ponder the 18 year old's room.  Take a look at the before of his room here.  He was ready to move the college "stuff" to the bonus room so stay tuned for a gallery wall with all of those pieces.  What I came up with after a trip to Scott's Antiques was using old world ships.

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