25 May 2013

Darling Little Light Fixture

Many times I have looked up at this light fixture and wondered why on this earth it is still there.  Aren't you all jealous of this boob light along with its smoke detector side kick?


17 May 2013

Living Room Drapes

I just love changing things around in our house.  For some time now I have wanted to update the living room drapes. This room has the potential for a big change in regards to furniture in the near future so I didn't really want to get custom treatments for this room.  Recently, on a trip into Tuesday Morning I got VERY lucky!  These are the drapes that were up.


11 May 2013

Kitchen Window Fabric

Here is just a little peak at the fabric I finally chose for the kitchen.


10 May 2013

Band and Birthday Celebrations

It has been an eventful past few days for us, here is a quick run down! We started off Saturday with our youngest competing in a local band contest. This was the first opportunity that the 7th grade band students got to compete. He performed a solo and was in an ensemble with a friend. The kids go into different rooms and play before a judge that has a grading sheet.  They play their piece of music, leave that room  and wait for what seems like an eternity to see what they scored. The cafeteria was the place were everyone practiced one last time before going in! So here is a few shots of John and his friends.



01 May 2013

Foyer Lighting

It is bad isn't it when you can't recall what the lighting in your foyer was like when you moved in 6 short years ago?  I have no recollection whatsoever.  But what I do recall is that whatever was there had to go.  I should have waited, how many times have we all said thought that?!  At any rate with the other changes going on in our house I knew that what I had put up was probably not the best it could be.  My designer agreed.  While we were out shopping at a local antique store(she was shopping and I was just trying to keep up)Lisa spied what she said would be perfect for the foyer, thank God for her cause I would probably just walked right by it.
This is what I had...and as you have all come to expect from me, here is the only before pic of the light that was up.

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