Hi Ya'll!

I am Tamyra and I am positively delighted that you stopped by. In the Fall of 2010, my FF(forever friend) Karen introduced me to the world of blogs. I had no idea that women from all over were online talking about their homes and sharing pictures, not to mention their day to day lives. Karen and I had done this with each other since the first moment we met. Almost immediately, Karen said "you should do this." So in February 2013 Positively Southern was born!

I met my husband of 28 years while in college at Auburn University. Climbing the corporate ladder resulted in moving all around the country. We have lived in countless rentals, bought and sold 4 houses and are currently living in our 5th home. I should mention that those 5 houses were in 4 different states, we liked Georgia so much we jumped at the chance to move to Savannah the 2nd time! Living in so many different states has made me appreciate southern life. The one place that touched our hearts was the Georgia Coast. Although we don't live there now, you will see a coastal influence throughout our home.

I've been a stay home mom since the birth of our first child. We have 2 boys, Andrew is 23 and John-William is 17 I've been in every office that a PTO/PTA has to offer and we won't even talk about the countless homeroom mother jobs I've held. I loved every single minute of it!

What you should really know about me is that I positively adore the beach, fried shrimp, cherry Cokes, cooking, boys in pink shirts, antique shopping, guacamole, spanish moss dripping from oak trees, country music, grits, Auburn football, rearranging furniture and did I mention ANTIQUE SHOPPING?


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