09 April 2013

The World of Coke

Last week was Spring Break for us and while it seemed more like a winter break with the temps we had,  we headed to Atlanta to the World of Coke.  When we arrived it was almost lunch time and we enjoyed a chilly lunch on site.
What Spring Break is complete without a good friend to come along.

These Coca Cola signs from all over the world greet you as you enter.
Once you watch a very cute movie you are allowed to go and tour the museum.  The entire process of making Coke is presented and while the adults enjoy this, the children just move right past it.

It seemed to me that the most enjoyable part of the museum was the sample room.  Young and old lined up behind the various machines that dispensed Coke goodness from all parts of the world.

In addition to the Cokes from around the World, you also get to make any combination of Coke.  Our fav was grape-Sprite.  John "had" to sit on the American Idol sofa and believe me there was a line for this!
 After he sat for not even 30 secs it was back to more sampling.

The last spot you visit while at the World of Coke is a retail store.  What spring break would be complete without a t-shirt from where you've been!
 Here is hoping that everyone else had a warmer spring break than we did!


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  1. Love me some Coke - no Pepsi - Coke! lol I would love to visit there one day. The signs from around the world are really cool. My grandgirls had the same reaction about how donuts are made at Krispy Kreme - they just walked right by it, but I was fascinated by the whole process.


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