25 June 2014

The BIG Sale

It is hard to believe that just a year ago I didn't even know about the "big sale."  But since last Fall I have been invited to the December sale and the one last week.  I know what you are thinking....what sale is she talking about?  The sale I am referring to is the one that the guys at Sweet Home Antiques put on twice a year.  Bruce and Phil, the owners of Sweet Home Antiques and Sweet Home Plantation travel to England early Spring and Fall to shop for their store.  Prior to putting the merchandise into their store, they have a "big tent sale" at their home which happens to be Sweet Home Plantation. Stay tuned for a future post about the Plantation but for now here is a teaser of what it looks like.

I thought that you all might enjoy seeing some of their merchandise from this year's trip!

Before the guys left for England they asked me and my antiquing friend if there was anything in particular we wanted them to look for.  Nadine quickly said "how about a dovecote," she was thrilled to finally get her hands on the larger one.  In no time at all she had it hanging on the front of her home, I'll share that picture in another post but ya'll...it looks amazing!

By no means did I photograph everything they had but thought this might  wet ya'lls appetite for the next "Big Sale" come December!  More on what I bought at the sale in a later post!

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