25 July 2015

Coach Pat Dye Visits

It was a typical Saturday morning.  The house was a wreck, I had been rearranging stuff on my kitchen counters and wiping them down with Clorox.  The kids were up and had breakfast but no shower yet.  I still had on my pjs and hadn't even ran a hairbrush thru my hair.  Then Honey calls.  He had gone to breakfast with Coach Pat Dye.  Coach Dye is one of Auburn University's most beloved football coaches, I had watched countless AU football games with him on the sidelines calling the shots.  Honey calls and says his brother and Coach Dye are headed to our house.  "You've probably got about 35 minutes before they get there" he says.   My response I am sure was something like "you have got to be kidding me." But at that moment I am struggling for a reality check...Pat Dye is coming to "my" house!!!!


I yell to the kids that Coach Dye is on his way and they need to take a shower quickly as if their lives depend on it!  I head to the bathroom thinking what do I do....will he come inside or just be outside....do I wash my hair...makeup yes or no.  I had no time for a shower so I dumped my head over into the bathroom sink and didn't even wait for the water to warm(no lie).  In 15 minutes I had "washed my hair" if you can call it that, dried my hair and applied make up...right down to the eye liner.

As the minutes ticked away I was yelling instructions to the boys and they were actually doing what I was telling them to do.  All the while they are debating what they are going to ask him about in regards to football.

Right about now I should tell ya'll why he was coming over, as we are not the kind of folks that would be entertaining SEC royalty!  Honey's brother graphs Japanese Maples which Coach Dye adores!  We have one of Brother's trees and while it is a nice tree I have always wanted a shade tree in that spot.  So Coach Dye wants our tree and that is why he came for a visit!

While trying not to be too obvious I was snapping pics like crazy.  The boys made one attempt to talk football with one of the best coaches of all time but, he was quick to tell them that he doesn't coach anymore...he is into landscaping!  I don't even think they were disappointed as we were all just living in the moment that he was actually standing in our back yard!  He was happy to take pics with both boys.

  He had lots of ideas for our backyard.  There is a good reason ya'll have not ever seen much of it as it is really just an ignored space for us!  But come this winter that will all change!

As I wrap up this blog post only one phrase truly fits this moment in our lives.

Keep Calm

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  1. I remember when you put up this post, I thought how exciting to meet Coach Dye! I'm sad thinking about our Auburn family's loss of him last week. He was truly a great Auburn man! Did he ever come get your maple tree?


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