01 September 2015

Getting Into Shape

Some time ago I began to experience problems with my lower back.  To be honest, I just figured this was a right of passage as I age, along with standing on the tile floor at Pier 1.  But as the discomfort lingered I made the decision to visit my orthopaedist.  Of course they did xrays and what they found came as a surprise.
Clearly, I could see for myself on the xray that the last part of my spine looked different than further up my back.  A degenerative spine was my diagnosis.  For those that don't know what that is it is a gradual loss of of normal structure and function of the spine over time.   The Doctors advice was to strengthen my core. This was important he said.

Fast forward to May.  After months of not doing anything about "strengthening my core" it was now time to do something.  There is a small gym close to our home and I walked into that gym and joined before I ever even looked around.  I knew it was right for me.  The best part is that they have a trainer that I work with twice a week.  Meet Ike!

I can't help but recall our first session.  Ya'll it has been many years since I spent any time in a gym so to say that session was fun would be far from the truth.  It was brutal.  Right then and there I realized how out of shape I was.  He asked me what my goals were.  My first is of course doing whatever it takes to help my back, I am a diabetic so trying to drive down my blood sugar is always a bonus and then...finally...I'd love to drop a few pounds.  Actually more than a few.

When I started working with Ike in May he handed me a pair of 5 pound hand weights to press.  I remember how heavy I thought they were.  This past week he handed me 15 pound weights and ya'll I was able to press those!!!  Ike told me "you are stronger do you realize this?"

We do lots of things in the gym that I "like" doing and a whole bunch that to be honest with you I absolutely dread doing.  The TRX has been my least fav until he added the medicine ball...I hate slamming that medicine ball down...HATE!!!  But I can do it! Below I am doing the TRX.

When I first started going to the gym I wore make up and did my hair.  Not now, as you can see for yourself in these pics I don't do my hair, wear make up or even dress in cutesy gym clothes.  That is not what I am there for, I am there to fix myself from the years of neglect!

I know what you all wanna know.....have you lost any weight?  Well....some.  But more importantly to me at this point is to strengthen my core and I can absolutely tell the difference when I lean over to do things like brush my teeth, I no longer fear how my back will feel when I stand up.

Come back and visit again as I share my progress in the gym!

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  1. Good for you Tamyra! Keep it up. I've been feeling pretty normal (still have a ways to go) the past week and a half and now I think I need to start exercising soon. I've lost 30 pounds being on the no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, 50% veggie diet since being diagnosed with lyme, but I've lost all my muscle tone (common with lyme). I need to build that back up...my formerly curvy latina behind is flatter than a pancake :( Keep on working at it and you'll achieve your goals.

  2. So proud of you Tamyra. I admire your dedication. I know it isn't easy but I am sure you can meet your goals. Thanks for sharing this honest post that shows how you are working to meet your fitness goals. You can do it!!!!! Kathy


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