19 April 2016

A New Painting for the Family Room

When I hung the dogs over the fireplace I never intended them to stay there.  For that matter, when I picked them up at a local shop I had the intention of hanging them in the master bedroom.  Well they were up there long enough and as time drew on I knew they had to come down.

Going back to a horizontal painting was exactly the direction I'd go in.  So earlier this month on a trip to Scott's I found a painting that fit everything detail I wanted.  For me art needs to evoke a feeling of fantasy or reality.  When I look at the painting I can almost imagine being on one of the boats and floating down the river.

The colors in this painting work well with the rest of the room as does the subject matter.

After having hung the art, I started styling the mantle.  Since I don't believe I've ever mentioned  this before let me say that I have never liked the sconce that hang above the mantle...NEVER!!!!  I've even spoke to an electrician about having them removed and apparently that violates code, whatever!  So they stay and make styling the mantle harder than it should be.

Back to styling, I knew the girandoles are gorgeous so they stayed.  Then I tried various things in the center, several boxes were tried and I settled on the simple shaker box.

From every vantage point in the room I simply adore the new painting!

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  1. I love your curtains, they are absolutely beautiful! Where did you get them?

    1. The curtains are beautiful to me as well! They were custom made. The fabric is Covington Bosphorus. There is a company that makes curtains in this fabric that is very affordable, google http://www.thesilkdraperycompany.com/ and see if they have something that might work for you!

  2. You are right. That painting is the perfect choice for the room. I love the doggies, but this one shape, colors and theme is just perfect. You styled it beautifully too. I like the scones though:)


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