30 June 2016

Make Music Day 2016

Last week on June 21 was the worldwide event Make Music Day.  Didn't know that?  Neither did I.
Make Music Day 2016

 About a month ago one of the local music shops Spicer's Music sent an email about being part of the largest rock band.  Needless to say our band kid registered immediately!  John plays both the bassoon and the alto sax.

Make Music Day 2016

What I knew about this event was that they would be trying to break the Guinness Book World Record for largest rock band performing.  Cool?  I think so!  We headed downtown Auburn where the event was held.  It was amazing to see so many musicians.

Make Music Day 2016

John immediately found other band friends.

The entire process to qualify to for the Guinness Record breaking event was interesting.  At one point all musicians and vocalist had to leave the lot we were in, form 2 lines coming back into the lot to be counted.  During the performance 90% of the participants had to be performing the entire piece of music.

It isn't a party in Auburn until Aubie shows up!!!

Aubie at Make Music Day

You might wonder just what all these folks could perform together....none other than our state anthem...Sweet Home Alabama!

In case you are wondering.....we do believe that the Guinness World Record was broken that day but, official results are not in.  The original record was 521 and there was some 800 on the lot that day!!
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  1. GREAT!!!! As a music teacher, I can't think of a better record to break!!
    Thank you so much for a big smile today!


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