24 January 2017

Living Room Updates

how to style built in shelves

Our living room gets tweaked often.  A lamp here, a new chair there.  I realized I hadn't shared some of the tweaks lately, If you'd like to take a peek at how it looked when I first started this blog, click here!

Built ins filled with antiques

The built ins remain one of the best additions we have made to this home.  The storage was sorely needed.  The cabinets are jammed pack!  Maybe one day I'll share those but not today.

Here is an honest moment, when I get things on the shelves the way I like them..I resist changing them.  As a blogger I should love rearranging them, that just isn't who I am!  The leather bound books on the shelves are some of the pieces I've collected for the last year.  I try so hard to work on completing one room at a time. Last year I tasked myself with finding leather books to replace the assortment of John Grisham and other books that were taking up real estate here.  Just as the year ended I had found my books, don't you just love scratching items off your to do list!

Old World Ship oil paintings

Did you notice the ship pic is back in the original spot?  Just this week I moved it back.  The dogs are off to another place here at Positively Southern.  The girandole that you see behind the chair, I love these but after getting them(there are 2 more) I truly had buyer's remorse as I have yet to find all of them a home.  I do like it on the table so, for now it stays there.  The little table beside the chair, I'm not sure if I've shared that before.  Picked it up at a junk store last year.

living room decor

Notice the table beside the sofa, yes it was serving as a bedside table in Andrew's room....until I changed that before Christmas.  The tole lamp was such a bargain, I feel like I stole it really.  I'm almost ashamed to tell ya'll I only paid $35 for what would normally be probably a $300 lamp new.  This is why I thrift!
Decorating with Staffordshire and tole lamps

  Ya'll this room is not large, it is amazing what a wide angle lens can do!

The last few weeks I've changed up spots here and there all over the house.  Being self imposed house bound the last few weeks in some ways have had its perks.  In case you missed my Instagram post, early in the new year I had to have my welcome to the 50's club colonoscopy along with an esophageal dilation...aka they stretched my esophagus in you weren't familiar with those terms.  This was the second time I've had that done and I'd like to say it was easier but for sure it was worse.  I've lost a much needed 15 pounds the really, really hard way.  I was a bit afraid to get out around people due to potentially being exposed to anything.  I'm beginning to get better and am able to eat more solid foods that I can swallow which is really good.  You can sustain life on Eggo Waffles, baby food and Egg Beaters, should Kelloggs, Gerber and ConAgra being reading my blog I'm surely open to sing your products praises!  So thanks to all of you that have messaged, emailed and called, I'm so grateful for all of them!

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  1. Tamyra,
    Don't ever stop blogging and sharing your home. In the world of farmhouse and all white, it is so refreshing to see a home filled with lovely antiques and traditional style.
    Your home is one of my favorites in Blogville.
    I am always amazed at your finds.
    I have decided to slowly change up some things in my home. I am hoping to keep that traditional style, but subtly add some coastal /bayou things.
    I simply love when you post.

    1. Sandy, thank you so much for all those kind things! I'm so glad you like what I post!

  2. Your living room is beautiful Tamyra. It love all your decorative touches and especially your blue and white pieces and your thrifted decor.
    I'm glad you are on the mend and feeling better. I hope we can catch up at Scott's in the coming months.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope we can meetup soon at Scotts!!

  3. What do i love about this room? Everything! A collection of your thrift finds mixed in with new and old, my ultimate style. I'm loving this gorge chair you keep teasing me with. You know I have a chair love affair. Kudos to better health and some well deserved R&R.

    1. Move close to me Marsha and I'll give you that chair! I've already found another that has my name written all over it!!!


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