04 April 2017

Our Previous Homes House #3

Through the life of this little blog I've mentioned here and there about the other homes we've owned.  Many of you have even asked to see photos of those homes. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing those. The home I'm sharing today is home #3 located in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  I'd have to say that this is the  most stately home we've owned.

It is situated on a corner lot that provided panoramic views.  When we first moved in there was a Texas Long Horn bull in the pasture you see.

This home was custom built by a realtor in town.  It had many bells and whistles as Honey would say.  Most notable was the master closet.  Ya'll that closet was something only closet dreams are made of!  Often times when someone would ask where we lived and we answered Southern Hills they would immediately follow up with "oh you have the house with the closet!"

The landscaping was minimal at best so we put in some time taking it up a notch.

The side porch, or what is actually called a coach porch was a ideal spot for our cats....and the numerous skunks that would pop over for a bite of cat food.

Maybe another time I can share more of the inside of the home....I can tell you there was TONS of wallpaper!

 photo signature_zpsea91d061.png

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  1. Share more. You know we all love to see houses. I can tell the closet was a great piece. In our previous home, we had put in the California closets. I would LOVE to have them again.


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