19 May 2017

Our Previous Homes #2

Have you ever bought a home for the sole purpose of making money on it?  I had never even given it a thought.  When we were moved from Savannah the first time, Honey had taken a job in the Chesapeake/Suffolk/Virginia Beach Virginia area.  Houses in the area we were focused on were plentiful, so much that we looked for 2 solid days at homes in one neighborhood.  This neighborhood was unique in that within the subdivision there were mini subdivisions.  The house we settled on had been a model home and was only lived in less than a year prior to our moving in.  Everything was really new...mostly! Pardon the poor quality of these photos as they are scanned copies and they don't turn out very well.
It was pretty and I liked it okay so, we signed on the dotted line.  She was right about it being an incredible investment.  We paid $160K for it in 2000.  Don't ask me what we sold it for in 2002 but, last year it sold for well over 300K.

The layout was terrific, we did tons of entertaining in this home.  Lots of work parties since he was at the corporate headquarters for the company he worked for then.

It was a great house.  I was sad to move away and leave it and the many neighbors I made that have turned out to be life long friends...shout out to Bestie J!!!

It sold in 31 days on the market, we were fortunate on such a quick sale!  Then it was on to the next house and state!

House #3
House #4

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  1. Lovely...and did you move to another snow state? ha. Sheila

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