27 November 2017

Helpful Tips When Making a New Car Purchase

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Believe me, I know that blogging about purchasing a new car sounds like the oddest post for me since usually you pop in for home decor.  My nearly 10 year old minivan that I love, has faced several rather pricey repairs in the last few months...think new transmission. So that is why I'm talking about purchasing a new car, since that is surely on the horizon.

With the age of the internet it seems we can shop all over the country for just about anything and that does include a vehicle.  We are a car family of 4 and each of those were researched and found on the internet.  I'm not that kinda gal that drives all over town to our local dealerships to find exactly what I want.
My first stop always has been cars.com for many reasons.

1 Research
While I typically know exactly what I'm looking for in a vehicle, having valuable information at my finger tips from a potentially unbiased website helps me make a smart decision.  Research the vehicle you are considering buying.  There are tons of manufacturers facts available as well as actual owners of the car you are looking at.  Be smart and don't be swayed by a salesperson!

2 Prices and Options
The ability to see prices and options without any pressure from a salesman is probably the most important factor when I look online for a new car.  Being able to compare side by side the same options on different products is extremely helpful.  Being able to do this has even swayed and changed my mind, especially when I was looking for my youngest son's first car.

3 Location
I like being able to see cars that are within about a 100 mile radius of home.  But I've even looked as far away as 250 miles away.  If driving a few miles saves me money you better believe I'm willing to do that.  When I purchased my current van, I went straight to cars.com, I found exactly what I wanted 113 miles away for $4000 less than I'd have paid locally.

4 Don't Settle
When the whole transmission problem cropped up a few weeks ago, it pushed me to start looking at cars.  My biggest concern was having to make such a big decision and not being able to take my time and car shop!   I should mention at this point that I'm not much of a car person, as long as what I drive is reliable, looks reasonable and is comfortable I'm okay with it.   Make sure you like what you are gonna be driving AND making payments on.  Since we already have 1 son in college and the other son headed there next fall, a new car was not on my list of things to be shopping for.  Now I'm scheduling test drives on almost every minivan that is out there so I can be informed and like what I am making payments on!

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