26 November 2018

Feeling Blue for Christmas

Now before you start to think I'm feeling sad....I'm just feeling blue...lots and lots of blue for Christmas this year!!!  After choosing to use only silver and gold in last year's color scheme for Christmas, I knew that this year I'd go all out for color!  In fact, each space I've decorated this year is a completely different color.  I'm excited to share those spaces over the next few weeks!  Today, I'm sharing our family room that is all decked out in blue!
For this year's color scheme I drew inspiration from none other than Blue Willow.  After Christmas last year I dashed to Pier 1 and bought every blue bit of tree decor they had!  HA!!  Really I did!

The blue poinsettas are nothing short of gorgeous to me!

The family room tree typically holds our family ornaments.  Ornaments we've collected over the years that are from trips or locations we've been. 
This year a Linda from The Home I Create, posted on Instagram her tree filled with Blue Willow plates. She inspired me to do the same.  I'll now be on the hunt for Blue Willow butter pats.  I've seen plenty in the past but, saw no reason to get them...regrets, I've got a few!

The coffee table in our family room always gets lots of use, not as much as it did since John is away at college.  He will be home most of the month of December so I still needed to keep the space not super full.  The container holding ornaments is from Pottery Barn many years ago but, I see them everywhere now!

There is no doubt that I love this room decorated with all my most favorite colors and things. 


  1. The blue was definitely a winner in this room. I love everything especially the blue poinsettias.

  2. The blue really pops!!


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