20 March 2013

Master Bedroom Ceiling

The Master Bedroom is going under a bit of a face lift.  The ceiling has driven me a bit crazy for all these years. When we moved in there was a chandelier that I very quickly relocated to the tub area in the master bath. Here it is.

After all we are in the South and this girl desperately needed a ceiling fan.  The ceiling  was white and has a tray that  has screamed for color far too long.  Here it is just as we started painting, yes I forgot again to take a pic before but you get the idea.
Here is the after which is a subtle difference.  The Hubs wanted serene and calm so we opted for a soft muted color by Benjamin Moore called Summer Shower.

Now I am trying to decided if I should paint around the outside of the tray.  The color actual looks darker but with the light coming in on this bright Spring morning it doesn't do it justice.  Come back and check the progress!

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  1. I'm right there with you when it comes to having a fan in the bedroom! We have a big ole tray ceiling in our bedroom that I never have been able to decide whether to highlight by painting or not. I love the color that you've chosen for yours.


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