08 October 2013

Styling a Space without a Name

It is too big to be considered a landing, to big to be called a nook, it is an area that all the bedrooms upstairs connect to....ya'll I have never known what to call the area at the top of our stairs on the second floor.  I even called Bestie P and asked her, she too drew a blank.  For the most part we call it the upstairs foyer because it sits exactly above the foyer so, we are just gonna go with that!  This is a spot that serves no particular function in the house but it sure is a great place to decorate.

This space has been recently updated to give it a more handsome look.  Most of the pieces here we've had for years but have been in other places in our house.  The little table beside the wing backed chair was my Grandmother's, I'm not even going to guess how old it is because I always remember it being in her house.  When she offered it to me, I jumped at the chance!

That sweet little stack of antique books were Honey's Great-Grandmothers, what a treasure they are!  The picture of my boys when they were younger was taken in Forsyth Park one of my fav spots in Savannah!

 When I saw this buffet about 3 years ago at the local antique store I knew it would come home with me!  It houses more sets of dishes than one person should have!  The oil painting is one of the first real pieces of nice artwork that we purchased some years ago.  We both adore hunt scenes!

The trophy is a more recent purchase from a darling little shop over in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  When I saw the hunt scene prints by the "big" window I just knew they would complete this spot!  I say complete, not really since I've been searching near and far for a rug.  With the area somewhat complete, I'm already thinking about how I could decorate for Christmas...is it too early to start thinking about that....no way!


  1. Tamyra, this is a gorgeous space! I love the prints, trophy and oil painting! Your Grandmother's table and the antique buffet are wonderful! Your styling is just perfect for this area! It's fabulous!

  2. Betsy,
    Thanks for your kind words! I've really enjoyed dressing this space!


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