22 October 2013

A Party within a Dove Shoot

For some 25 years Honey has had a dove shoot on the opening day of dove season.  Years ago it was merely a dove shoot with the expected case of beer, that was it nothing more to it….enter the wife with a blog!  Early in the summer I asked Honey what he thought about having a more organized meal, rather than that expected case of beer. He thought it sounded like a great idea but was quick to remind me this was an outside party with no electricity or running water and most of all that it would be HOT.  We decided on a brisket in late July as the meat, thus began the summer of brisket as it shall be known.  Have I mentioned we spent a few years in Oklahoma?  We did and one thing you don’t leave that state without knowing how to cook is brisket….but I did.  So I tried countless recipes for brisket to get the perfect one, the key for our taste was balsamic vinegar. 

Before I left for the farm I made sure to slice it so it would be ready to go onto the buns….think brisket sliders!  In addition to the brisket, we had boiled peanuts, a true southern delicacy, cole slaw using apple cider vinegar and a small amount of mayo, southern caviar using Paula Deen’s recipe with chips and of course… sweet tea….you have to have sweet tea in the south right? Right!  Days before the shoot I made what I call sweet tea concentrate….I steeped the tea and froze it in plastic containers. Then all I would have to do was add the concentrate to a gallon of chilled water.  This is where I should remind you all about the no electricity and running water part of having all this at the farm.  Planning was key since I had to haul this 45 minutes away.  I had everything planned to the last detail…the decor…I haven’t mentioned the decor yet!  I knew the only decor I could get away with was camo chic.  This is where everything I planned when kinda haywire.  The plan was to leave Auburn about an hour before I should be there but one thing me and Honey forgot to plan for was all the football traffic.  The traffic put me behind by at least 15 minutes and while that doesn’t sound like it would be a problem….there were hungry men on the other side waiting for me.  When I arrived they ascended on the car like it was their last supper….but mostly they were trying to help me unload.  I did manage to get the camo table cloth on the table but that is where the decor party of it ended.  In reality the only thing that mattered I guess was that the food was good and it was well received!
1-DSCN34061-DSCN3405    1-DSCN34071-DSCN3408Yes there were even GIRLS there!  Don’t they look darling in their camo outfits?! 
1-DSCN34141-DSCN3411We of course had to have local celebs there…..one of those guys is our new principal….both of those guys grew up back in my neck of the woods… down in UCLA(only locals with get that) but for the rest…Upper Corner of Lower Alabama.  In the pic below you can see in the background the home of Honey’s great-grand parents.  Honey’s grandparents lived and raised their children in that same house.  After visiting the New England states, Grandmother came home and decided the house should be painted red…..thus the name “the red house.”  Long ago we thought we would come home one day and restore the home and raise our children there.  Sadly, the 125+ year old home is no longer livable or restorable.
1-DSCN3413-0011-DSCN3410        These two drove down from Atlanta….think Georgia Tech fans and alum!
1-DSCN3412 This final photo is one of our dearest friends and helps Honey every year get ready for the shoot.  Believe it or not I’m already thinking about what I could do different for next year’s shoot.


  1. LOVE this! I'm sure the menfolk appreciated it too. Yep - if you leave it up to them, you'll just have a bag of Doritos and beer. (And I got UCLA - I used to work for Senator Shelby and would always say, "I'm off to LA" - my DC friends thought I meant California and I'd say, "nope, Lower Alabama"). haha.

  2. This looks so yummy! I know everyone appreciate the fabulous food! You know, those Ga Tech fans are so smart! We always know where there is great food! Looks like a fun time!


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