29 January 2014

Snow Days 2014

The Weather Channel is almost always the channel I have my tv on if I am home alone.  I've been wondering since last Saturday and somewhat preparing for this snow event of 2014 if it would be as bad as they had said  It has lived up to those predictions and then some.  I'm that gal that knows if Jim Cantore says you need to prepare...I prepare... regardless of what he says to prepare for.  Snow and ice in the south is not ever a good thing.  The kids love to be out of school and the idea of playing in snow sounds good to them.  Well, yesterday our school system closed down for what was expected to be "bad" weather.  It was absolutely the right call and I am more than happy that they made that decision.  My kids waited expectantly for that snow.....we got about an inch in the early evening hours which didn't lend to them getting to "play" out in it.  Today, when they both had breakfast they wanted to go out and see what it was like.  It was a bit of disappointment as that snow had really just turned to ice.  So they've both settled in for a day of laying around and playing on their respective computers.  They don't know it yet but I'm about to pull out SpongeBob Monopoly and we are all going to play!  I braved the 14 degree temps to take pics to document the snow fall here in Auburn!

 This is pic is from the kitchen window that I blogged about recently here.
Sure hope that everyone is home safe and sound.  Did you all get much snow where you are at?

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  1. Hi, Tamyra! I'm Joy, and I write a blog called Yesterfood. I saw that you had joined our Bloggers on Blogger site on Facebook, and wanted to meet you (I love the Weather Channel, too!). I am now following you on Google+ and Facebook. I liked your FB page from my personal page, Joy McElroy, so it would "count" for you. (I didn't realize FB worked like that for a long time, lol!)

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    I love your photos- I'm in Texas, so we don't get a ton of snow, but a couple of times a year it will snow maybe a couple of inches. :)

    Glad to meet you in our group! Hope you have a great weekend! :)


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