12 February 2014

Andrew's Bedroom Update

Nothing stays the same too much at our house. Last October we switched the guest bedroom and our oldest son's room.  Almost immediately I knew what to do with the guest room but needed to ponder the 18 year old's room.  Take a look at the before of his room here.  He was ready to move the college "stuff" to the bonus room so stay tuned for a gallery wall with all of those pieces.  What I came up with after a trip to Scott's Antiques was using old world ships.

Is this side table fabulous or what?!  The owners of Sweet Home Antiques picked that beauty up on their latest trip from France.
 In this photo you can see the detail on the base.  I even made a second trip to Pine Mountain to pick it up and didn't mind one little bit!
 This oil painting was really the inspiration for the entire room.  I stumbled upon it at Scott's last fall along with the copper boat art above the bed.

 The same trip to Sweet Home Antiques brought the framed map and the Federalist mirror.

 The plaque that now is used as a towel holder was a find at Scott's.
 These prints might go down as my best...aka...cheapest deal ever from Scott's.  I saw them from a distance and thought they'd be a pretty penny.  When I got close up they were $15 for the pair, I whipped out a $20 bill and moved right along with those prints out of fear they'd realized they could ask more!

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  1. Love the oil painting....now I want to go to Scott's. Also the Federalist mirror looks great too. Great job decorating your son's room. Kathy

  2. Kathy, you are so close to Scott's you should go every time they have it! I would love to meet you up there!


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