22 February 2014

Ingredients for a Southern Party

The past few days I've been helping a friend get ready for her son's wedding shower at our church.  We've done all the required list making and decided who is bringing their best crystal and silver serving pieces.  In addition to the serving pieces, we have also told each other what they make best and who should make/bring what.
It wasn't until this morning on a trip to Publix that it dawned on me as I laid the contents of my shopping cart onto the conveyor how very southern the ingredients for this affair were.

 My contribution were sandwiches.  Now ya'll, we all know that in the south a shower isn't a shower until the pimento cheese sandwiches along with cucumber sandwiches are laid out on our finest silver and crystal platters.   But I have to admit....I cheated.  I didn't actually make the pimento cheese sandwiches from scratch.  Back in the fall I discovered what I consider the absolute best "bought" pimento cheese EVER!
This tub of deliciousness is made in non other than the fine state of South Carolina. It comes in 3 flavors but the original is my fav.  Honey prefers the one with bacon in it but, now isn't that a man for you?!  All 3 flavors have a certain amount of kick to it..aka..cayenne pepper so in order to tame that I added about 2 tablespoons of the Publix brand and it worked!  Now the folks at Palmetto Cheese have not paid me or for that matter even know who I am so, you all can consider this a PSA.
I've got to get back to those cucumber sandwiches now but, I will be sure and post a full wrap up of the shower soon!

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