02 May 2014

Changes in the Living Room

It was time for some changes in the Living Room/Office.  The latest addition to the room has been up since before Christmas and how on this earth I didn't think to share it before now is beyond me!  I do love prints of ships and ocean scenes as ya'll well know.  Just as a reminder of what the room looked like before be sure to see those posts here and here.   My collection of coat of arms has at long last found a home right beside the ship print.

Don't you just adore that Alison Evans Oyster plate, it makes me happy inside every time I see it! The piece of Staffordshire is vying for my fav piece at the moment!

 Now I don't love everything in this room.  It is a well known fact with my friends that I absolutely despise the fabric on the chair...the kids call it the throne!  I am actually looking to have it either recovered or slip covered.

The lamp was a great find at Tuesday Morning!  It looks like I've painted it with chalk paint, the blue was absolutely perfect for this room!
 The pencil drawings are  a treasure that I picked up at a local antique shop.

Hope everyone can get out and enjoy such a gorgeous weekend we are suppose to have!

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  1. Tamyra I LOVE everything about this room...beautiful!!

  2. What a beautiful space for an office! Love the built-ins, and the lamp is perfect.

  3. That's a beautiful room. Love the light in there and the built ins.

    I would tell you that I really like the fabric on the chair but I know how it is when you don't like something. :)

  4. Tamyra, you have a beautiful living room! I love your choice of accessories! I just saw a similar Staffordshire piece at Sweet Home Antiques; I love it You have so many treasures!

  5. Thanks, friend, for linking up at Share it Sunday! I love your room and your coat of arms collection!!


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