02 August 2014

Haven: The Sponsors & Swag

One thing  you can ALWAYS count on at Haven is the fabulous SWAG! Each year we are given these fabulous bags filled with the most amazing things.  Throughout the conference we get to visit with a host of sponsors/vendors and they usually have fabulous goodies for us as well.

Sometimes ya'll... it is all about the SWAG!!!  Cause who doesn't like free stuff...right?

  Here is a diff pic that shows much more of what I brought home!  It filled the dining room table!

We enjoyed lunch one day courtesy of Tide....aren't all those "bubbles" cute?  The lunch was delish!

Scout and Nimble had a candy bar...ya'll this is John's fav thing I brought home to him (I'm diabetic so I can't partake)!

Home Depot was one of the sponsors this year and many of us were treated when we found that they had left gifts on our beds.  Here is a pic of the wooden cady that Home Depot  they left for me!  I'm doing a few more things to this project so come back soon so see that end result.
Moen was also a sponsor and I enjoyed their little piece of Haven.  Proud to say I have a few of their products in my home!

Shaw Floors were there with their new line of carpet....it is called Caress...I hope one day to be able to get out of bed and have that carpet be the first thing my feet feel.  It is without a doubt the most luxurious carpet I've ever had the pleasure of planting my feet in.  It is to flooring, what chocolate is to cake and yes a completely normal comparison!  One of their demonstrators just also happened to be...you guessed it...an Auburn Alumni as well!

Ryobi & Home Depot partnered to throw a reception on our last night that included Mexican food, and a dessert bar that made my blood sugar rise just looking at not 1 but 2 chocolate fountains and an ice cream bar!

We danced the night away!
By the end of Haven I'm always sorry it has gone by so quickly.  I'm so glad to call these bloggers, these women my friends!

So until next year......

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  1. Tamyra, Haven looks wonderful; I know you had a blast! The Swag looks fantastic and very generous. I know the Ryobi- Home Depot party was fun too! I'm hoping I can attend next year!

  2. Just rub it in, would ya?! ;) Glad you had a great time. Maybe I'll get to come next year.


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