03 November 2014

Styling the Trifecta Wall

Sometimes I wonder if builders ever give thought to where they place the thermostats, light switches return vents and so on.  My best guess is that not much thought is given to such as evidenced by what I refer to as the "Trifecta Wall" at our house. It was given that name since it has three winning combinations, that wall is home to the door bell box, the return vent and the thermostat is smack in the middle!  For your viewing pleasure here is a shot of it.

All this time the wall has just been empty, it looked just like this for the past 7 years!  I wish that when we painted the room we had painted the return vent the same color but, to try and match paint up would be problematic!
I just knew that one day I'd stumble across that one piece that would be the piece that would pull the entire wall together.  Finally, at long last that day came!  At one of my fav junkin spots I saw this.

The dealer said that it came from a church and was clearly of Spanish orgins.  We both debated what purpose this would have served and never really came up with what it did or was.  Regardless of that, I loved it and believed it could possibly work on the wall in question!  After I hung it I knew that I needed some prints to balance out that thermostat.  The shelf was begging for some greenery and a piece of Staffordshire would just completely set it off.  To top the whole vignette is a crest that I picked up at Scott's on a recent trip.

I couldn't be more pleased with how it looks!  So here is a shot of the whole Trifecta Wall.....at least the thermostat just blends in now!

Maybe in time I'll decide to tackle painting that return vent!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how hanging things around the area just absolutely hid the thermostat? Great job!

  2. You are so right! You don't even notice that thermostat now! Aren't you surprised that with all of the home décor products available now no one has come up with a "pretty" return vent, doorbell box, or thermostat!

  3. Wow, this looks great! You found the perfect piece and styled it beautifull!


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