04 November 2014

Antique Shaving Mirror

It happens when  you least expect it.  The "find of the day" as I call it just happens as you amble around a antique mall or flea market.  You spy that something that you just know you can't go home without!  My recent "find of the day" was really pretty incredible.  I'd had seen one at my antique shopping buddy's home and had a fit and just knew if I ever found one it would have to be mine!

This antique shaving mirror dates back to the 1860's and I was delighted to make it mine!  It currently sits on a book case in my guest bedroom but someday I hope to have it in the master bedroom...and while I'm dreaming...atop an Empire Chest of Drawers!  The mirror really shows the 150+ years and I have no intention of changing it out!  It is in incredible condition considering the age, one of the drawers needs a little work other than that it is fabulous!

 photo signature_zpsea91d061.png


  1. It's a beauty Tamyra...I wouldn't change the mirror either!!

  2. Another great score! I love it just like it is!

  3. It's a perfect match for your bookcase, and I like it like it is.


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